Oakley Prizm Daily Polarized Review | Prizm Lens Series Ep. 1

A review of Oakley’s new Daily Prizm Polarized Lenses. The sunglasses featured in this video is the matte uranium Sliver. Subscribe to stay tuned for the full Prizm lens line of reviews! Stay disruptive, guys!

Prizm Road Review (Episode 2): https://youtu.be/udfnMdWsZw0
Prizm Deep Water Polarized Review (Episode 3): https://youtu.be/e5bNslPEU0w
Sliver F Review: https://youtu.be/kQ-vZo863xc

Instagram: SteveoSunglasses

Some of the more technical info was provided by Dann Thombs of O-Review fame. I’m sure if you’re watching this that you know of his epicness but just in case you don’t —

Dann’s Website on All Things Oakley: https://www.o-review.com/

Dann’s Oakley Review Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dthombs


Piergiorgio Driussi says:

Hi, what is your opinion about difference to prizm daily polarized and black iridium polarized?

Simon Quintana says:

Great review. Thanks. The Prizm daily is one of my favorite lenses.

priestof1 says:

Great videos

Mad Norris says:

i don’t got the answer, what is the final answer? good or not?

JPThomp7 says:

How do you think these would perform for mountainbike riding in the UK.

Dread&tired says:

use this sunglasses over the computer monitor to increase to 8k high def. People who want cover their eyes completely- their dirty minded people…they only want to secretly stare at BOOBIES.

Stephan Osther says:

Great video.

Russian SpyOnYou says:

Do you know if these are more resistant to peeling/scratching than regular Oakley polarized lenses?

snit snat says:

yes finally a prizm review! thanks SteveoSunglasses, this is what i need when in dark and sunny locations!

Dann Thombs says:

I don’t believe there is an Iridium, it’s just polished to a shine, so it’s still reflective.

And thanks for the link!

Flamengista84 says:

Great review! decided to buy one myself and I’m very satisfied with it.

JJ G says:

great video

which oakley model sunglass is this?


Global Triathlon Network says:

are buying a new pair each time to review them?

jas zg says:

I would never buy a oakley sunglasses again.After one year my lens start exfoliate.And no,i didnt use any acid or similar.Very bad qulity.I have some other sunglasses(different brand) and they are in the same condition for 5 years.

dread knot says:

Would this be good on sunny day?

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