Oakley Prizm Lens Technology Explained at SIA 2017 | SportRx

What exactly is Oakley Prizm technology and how does it work? This might be the best demonstration you’ll ever see about Prizm technology. SportRx visited Oakley at SIA Snow Show 2017 and AJ Sherer from Oakley used a spectrometer to show us the difference between regular lenses and Prizm lenses.

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Josh Reid says:

Do prizm field review

julian royz says:

Prizm is awesome prizm black is the best

Andrew Plough says:

It makes everything pop, massive color differential between all plants in high light environment helps silver cars stand out on a bright day at higher speed incredible.

Evan Anderson says:

I use the Smith Arena Max for Nordic Skiing with Chromapop. Is there a PRIZM Snow made for Jawbreaker, Radar, etc?

Enki Callosa says:

Worst “journalsit”…you should know how the mic is used.

Anti Midas says:

I own a PRIZM Road M2 Frame for cycling and a PRIZM Daily Polarized Turbine – complete gamechangers

Pietro Castelletti says:

I want to buy sports sunglasses to use both for city running and road biking and eventually for mountain hiking. I am set on the Oakley EvZero Stride frame but can’t decide on the lenses: at first I was going for the Prizm Road but now I’m doubtful that the 20% vlt might be too high (and maybe harmful for the eyes) when running/riding on open roads on summer sunny days and therefore I am now considering also the Prizm Daily which is 14% vlt. Meanwhile I have seen new Prizm lenses have been released such as the Prizm Black (11% vlt, maybe too much for sports application) and Prizm Ruby (17% vlt).
I can’t get my head around all these Prizm lenses and I’m scared to either get too dark lenses for my sports purposes (high reactivity and details spotting) or too light lenses resulting in too much light perceived by the eye and possibly harming the eye. I would very much appreciate an advice from you experts and opticians at SpotRx!! Thanks and keep going with the top quality content on YouTube!

Mr Toronto says:

Go to Walmart and grab $5 polarized glasses….simple…Too much publicity going on…

William Chen says:

First Comment!!! Your the best!!!!!

Moxadonis says:

The human eye can’t see ultraviolet and infrared light..

Daniel2131990 says:

I have a Turbine Rotor in Prizm Black Polarized Lens oh my goodness is super amazing the colors are vibrant and clarity is sharp. It’s so powerful by cutting 90% of light giving me 10% light Transmission it amazing.

Edward Aarstad says:

Hey, I got two pair of oakley jawbreaker and wanna change the oakley logo on them. I know it is possible because one of my friend has done it, but don’t remember how he did it.


Does the color of the goggles affect the light and darkness

Ocean Optics says:

Great video! Excellent use of an Ocean Optics spectrometer!

M C says:

Great video explaining the technology, I bought a pair of these a few weeks ago after a days skiing when the conditions were big snow and low viz all day, I had my old fire iridium (non prizm) lenses and the mountain and weather was getting the better of me all day, just couldn’t make out the snow. I ski’d yesterday for the first time with my new flight deck Prizm lens (aurora blue oxide sapphire iridium), all I can say is WOW ! what a difference – I could make out all the detail of the snow it snowed all day and I could see everything, I owned the mountains instead of the other way around. My buddy had Non Prizm lenses and wasn’t enjoying the day as like me 2 weeks earlier he just couldn’t see where he was going – not a gimmick – these lenses are amazing and worth paying for.

Wilson Wang says:

what prism would you recommend for beach volleyball?


How do the Oakley prizm lens compare to Maui Jim polarizedplus2?

TheXboxSux says:

Why does his beard look painted on? Can he not grow face pubes or something?

Jon Hettrick says:

I have some metal Prizm sunglasses you can definitely see a difference with all of those colors.

Andreas Eidsvig says:

Hi! I was just wondering, why would you want to get the sapphire irridium for example, when you could get the rose and the black, which covers all the conditions. Otherwise extremely helpfull videoes!

Troy Todd says:

These are simply the best sun glasses I have ever worn. The contrast that I am able to see is astonishing. I am in the sun a lot and live on Maui surrounded by the ocean and mountains. These glasses have given me a new perspective on the beauty that surrounds me. Well done Oakley; well done! Fan for life.

jas zg says:

I would never buy a oakley sunglasses again.After one year my lens start exfoliate.And no,i didnt use any acid or similar.Very bad qulity.I have some other sunglasses(different brand) and they are in the same condition for 5 years.

Eric Acevedo says:

What glasses are you wearing ?

Hank Moody says:

that guy went into fucking detail

Matt Oney says:

Dr. Bruton breaking into Youtube reviews, yeeeew!

gus1baseball says:

Oakley Prizm pitch are the best sunglasses for baseball and this is coming from someone that has been playing baseball since i was a kid and now in college.

William Chen says:

Can you do Oakley VS. Dragon

Jacob Sonera says:

I have been looking at goggles and I what to know which is better. NFX2 lumalens vs flight deck prizm.

steve perry biggest fan 1987 says:

can i use prizm lens for every day?

turtlezed says:


Oliver Spira says:

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me why there is a visible rectangle on both lenses when they are fogged up or in direct sunlight? I have the FLAK® 2.0 XL PRIZM™ POLARIZED with Prizm Jade Polarized lenses

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

awesome explanation…. really loved this video..and my favourite prizm colour is prizm trail… really awesome when the wavelength changes when prizm trail is put in the spectrometer.

Lars Freeburg says:

Personally, i think prizm outdoes the lumalens and chromapop. The concepts are quite similar but I think prizm has the most success in that field. Though all eyes are slightly different so others may have a different opinion I personally like cooler lenses(cool as in the color spectrum, not the “awesomeness” of it” and saphire iridium is quite good for those cool colors

arkay says:

Which one is recommended for tennis?

Stefan Hammer Sørensen says:

Does every Oakley FLIGHT DECK and FLIGHT DECK XM come with prizm?

CRS films says:

Are fire and torch iridium the same thing?

Barry Mathews says:

It’s hard to believe that the statement is that I bought a pair of Oakley flight deck with fire iridium lenses about 2 years ago and now all of a sudden Oakley have just realised that how they were going about lens technology was completely wrong, that their fire iridium lens is now completely obsolete.. basically buy prizm. Is it a coincidence that there is no charts from Oakley showing the difference in light transmission or light spectrum specs with fire iridium vs the prizm fire version.. could be perceived as just marketing. Have now purchased prizm rose lens and will compare on Saturday

tanman311 says:

how does prizm compare with Smith chromapop for snow goggles?

James Wachala says:

“There’s only three of these in the world right now.” My school has ~50 of these. Not the same ones, but all it is a spectrometer. I used one for my biology project!
I want to take one and use it to compare PRIZM and ChromaPop.

myfukinarmhurts says:

hi , i was wondering which to buy. i was looking at the prizm torch and sapphire. what are the main diferences?

Brandon N says:

Which prizm would be good for just florida living? Bright sun, some beach time, and hiking.

kieran coney says:

I’m not an expert on Oakley goggles or anything but I’ve just ordered a pair of Oakley A-frame 2.0’s in green.. they apparently have the prizm lens too. Will they still be just as good as any of the the other more expensive goggles? I worry because they seemed cheap at £85.
Had a nightmare on a couple of the days I was snowboarding in January when it was overcast so it felt like a day wasted because I couldn’t see the contours in the snow.

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