Oakley Prizm TR22 And TR45 Lenses & Sunglasses Review (HD)

Here’s a review of the new Prizm lenses from Oakley. I do a little shooting and discuss and demonstrate the properties of the lenses.



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Soleicter says:

Hey, I was wondering, I have a pair of TR22 Prizm lenses myself, and I wear them as my daily sunglasses, is that a bad thing, can these lenses be used for everyday common wear?

KEVZX3 says:

So which lens is for low light conditions and which is for bright conditions?

chad black says:

Let that beard grow, brother!

bradshawmobile says:

Sweet Tropic Thunder patch! Didn’t even know they made those lol great review too!

eltenda fabrizio says:

nice looking indeed

Rick S says:

The best shooting glasses I have every used. Are actually motorcycle glasses. In which you can remove the lens. And either put in dark blue, yellow or clear. I use the yellow tint. Which works fantastic in bright sun light and even at night time. And these glasses cost $25. I was so impressed with these shooting glasses. That I bought two pair. I keep one in my range bag. Just in case  forget to bring the other pair. I even used them in combat. These glasses wrap around then entire eye for full protection. Any motorcycle shop or online store will have these. The  three lens riding protective glasses.

Ahmed Al Rubaye says:

I just ordered the half jacket TR 22

River says:

t is your opinion, would you spend the money

TheSalsy1 says:

Thanks for the review.  I hadn’t noticed Oakley released those lenses.

Walter H White says:

Just bought a pair of the Flak 2.0 Prizm Polarized. I get eye fatigue after long hours of work and hope these will help. I have to say the clarity is impressive. Thanks again for a good review.

BeaglePower G says:

Send a pair to the Fat Kid @ Beretta9mm that nit-wit never wears eye protection when he shoots.

St8kout says:

It would have been nice to see more than a few second of it passing over the camera lens to get at least a vague idea of what it looks like looking through it. And which lens was it, the 22 or the 45? Still not much info about them after 3-1/2 minutes of vid.

Rifleman114 says:

I had the 3.0 Frames and loved them. Can’t say I shot better, more like I could see better. The bottom of the lens and a portion inside the lens started to peel. Had to photo them and UPS them back to Oakley. Still waiting on return.

jrp5985 says:


REAPER_AE86 says:


Gun Enthusiast says:

Nice sunglasses bro…

Samuel Gerald says:

Which would be better for baseball? 45 since you would see more red light from ball? THANKS!!

Pugamus Maximus says:

I wish they made them for them for the antix. Great video.

BACQN says:

I love the water effect in the beginning, still haven’t figured out how to do that…

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