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Our friend Rob at SportRx introduces the Oakley EV Path Sunglasses! The Oakley EV Path Sunglasses come with many great features and they are available in your prescription! If you have any questions, email us or call an optician, available 24/7!

For more information on the Radar EV Path: http://www.sportrx.com/oakley-radar-ev-path.html

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Tammy Wei says:

Nice! Perfect for outdoor activities.

Mkiv says:

Can these be used for baseball?

Rob 7 says:

got these for 95 dollars… sapphire iridium and extra lenses baseball prizm. stoked right now… thanks for all the information on the shades.

SNS1212 says:

Why can’t I choose those lenses in the Oakley custom section??

MrTw2009 says:


Aidan Alexander says:

Ev= extra vision

Andrew Villareal says:

Do you think this new EV series will have a radarlock edition sometime in the future?

1badfx45 says:

the fit is amazing!!!!! I just pick up a pair 2 hrs ago!!!!

Caden Carson says:

I just bought a pair just like these but I noticed that the arms or (the earstems) are not aligned well. The right stem is about a quarter of an inch higher than the right. This results it being crooked on my face. I tried detaching the ear stems and putting them back in and still didn’t work. Is this normal for this model?

Kevin Moore says:

Which lenses are these? Ruby iridium?

Rob Tavakoli says:

Thomas Johannesen the Radar EV’s only come with one set of lenses. The Radarlocks come with two. I don’t know of any stock set up that comes with a clear as the 2nd set of lenses though.

I'm Devy says:

what is the difference between the ev path and ev pitch?

King Kelly says:

E V stands for extended vision

Thomas Johannesen says:

Does any of the radar ev or radarlocks come with an extra pair of clear lenses or do i have to buy them seperate? Great video btw, Really helpful!

Dubious Cyclist says:

Are they MADE IN USA?

Spencer Zheng says:

On the Oakley website there are Radar EV Path(Asia Fit) and Radar EV Path. Does the Radar EV path already come with the “Asia fit”? Also what is the difference between Radar EV Path and Radar EV Pitch?

ansh mishra says:

this goes with cricket ?? how much cost with shipping
thankx lot in advance

Kenneth Chua says:

hi may i know which prizm lens would best suit tennis? prizm baseball infield or prizm golf?

Douglas Crawford says:

I the ev stands for “extended view”

Demian Vasquez says:

Is there not going to be XL version on these?

thomas santiago says:

How does the prescription work?

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