Oakley Radar Pace Unboxing & First Test Run | SportRx

SportRx got a chance to test the new Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses, the real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance and coaches you. Here’s our unboxing & first run with the Oakley Radar Pace.

The Radar Pace has internal sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity, and proximity) and you can also pair it with external sensors. This frame is full of technology, a touch pad on the temples lets you control volume, music and calls and three built-in microphones in the frame make sure voice control works in every situation. Radar Pace is water resistant, the lenses are interchangeable and the coaching system works on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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Felipe Net says:

I live in Brazil, how do I buy this glasses

Ann Cleverley says:

I have just used the Radar Pace and found the bluetooth keeps cutting in and out. I have heard that you should wear you phone on your arm is this correct. Does it depend on the phone mine is Sony x3 compact.

Andre Taylor says:

I got these shades … I’m sorry tho I wont be talking to it. Feels unnatural. & stupid

Bencze says:

wow, this was not a test but a paid advertisment

Cindy Stahl says:

Hi, I’ve subscribed to your channel; when you have a chance, please post a video of changing out the Radar EV Pace lenses, i.e. from the Prizm lens to the clear lens, both of which come in the packaged bundle. Thank you!

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

lens shape is radar ev path…are lenses are interchangeable?

Nikita Mader says:

Good product for decent price.

Lau Hea says:

live in Malaysia. buy it online Radar Pace. Just to find out the Apps isnt Available in my country. Great

Glock 556 says:

These glasses have a raised section on the inside left temple behind the hinge that is really bothersome when using

Lunatic says:

His beard looks soo fake

chino hernandez says:

What do you recommend polarized or prizm?

Kingfish 85 says:

I got a pair of these sent to me by 3point5 and i love them. I currently have the 2011 radars and the 2016 Jawbreakers for cycling. The pace’s were surprisingly light weight and not heavy at all, the mp3 buds are independent so they can swivel to fit anyones ear. I like how since their suspended from the glasses they won’t fall out too. Increased vision from the older radars and not overly too big like the jawbreakers. The talking commands were a little funky but its new tech.

alejandro lopez says:

price is $450.00 dollars but is nice.

Ann Cleverley says:

Many thanks for reply. Have now put phone in arm band on left arm and its working much better now.

Greg Arellano says:

can u listen to music? lol

Ricardo Caraveo says:

I have some issues with the link to activate my account… then I can’t use my app; is this a common problem? I create the account and try to activate almost at the same time and when I clic at the “activate you account” link appears this: “votre code d’activation a expiré”.

Thanks for your comments.

Mika Chicha says:

great video thanks I suscribed and liked the video

ryan roland says:

Can you just use these for music, for answering the phone with a blue tooth?

Taylor Bergeron says:

wow he’s fucking jogging what a joke.this shit isn’t even advanced. the people who created this are laughing at us because were in a state of awe over technology that has been around for over a decade and that we already used lol. On Nintendo DS I had a game that had voice recognition lol this is basically a fitbit chip inside the Oakley’s, and it has speakers

Robert Mikkelsen says:

Is there a metric setting on the device?

Stephan Osther says:

Do you need your phone on you when you’re using these?

Bueno Bike Lanzarote says:

Can you load a route onto it ….and will it tell you where to go, a bit like a car GPS?

chousiself says:

Like personalised numberplates, expensive sunglasses are a perfect barometer of having more money than sense.

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