Oakley Reviews Episode 35: Sliver F

I review the Sliver F, a new lifestyle model with a folding hinge.

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Chet says:

Is that folding of the frame at the frame temple, fragile? easy to brake?

henrywessel8 says:

would you recommend these over the holbrooks? The holbrooks are made in the US and are said to be better quality but don’t come with a case…thoughts?

TTroopX says:

I am gonna buy a pair after watching this review.  It would be nice to see some closer shots of the glasses.

rizrey1 says:

Yea through verizon smart points I can snag a polarized non f version moderately cheap (110) vs the non polarized F at 95. That’s why I was asking, I haven’t tried the non f on yet.. But the folders for great!

Jason Sutliff says:

 – I saw these at my local SGH here in Syracuse, NY, USA …  The folks there seemed to be leading me to believe they were a SGH Exclusive.  ???

sig415 says:

Very nice and thorough review. How exactly do the hinges work? And how long do you think the lifetime of the hinges are (snapping into place crisply) compared to the hinges of say the Holbrooks? If you leave the arm somewhere in between completely locked open or closed will it wear as much as other models? Sorry for asking such detailed questions but I think it is an intriguing aspect haha 

rizrey1 says:

Hey man have you tried the PLAIN slivers? Is the fit the same? Trying to debate. The Fs fit me well but don’t need the fold ability. Thanks!

Rod Salka says:

Wish I saw this before buying .. got frogskins but I think this would fit better on my head

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