Oakley Reviews Episode 44: Triggerman

A quick review of the Torch Triggerman

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LeQuinte Russell says:

I LOVED the fit of the Triggerman on this giant face. It was absolutely perfect. I didn’t buy the model, though. Torch doesn’t do anything for me, although it looks stunning. It did remind me of a budget Badman. The Badman has spoiled me rotten, hence my reluctance to get pull the trigger.

ucdavis4pt0gpa says:

Torch is garbage- they’ve sacrificed performance for looks- it’s 20% transmission. that’s not a sunglass for remotely everyday use. I LOVE the look- but I need my lenses to perform and anything above 15% is unacceptable

Ckador says:

is there a way to replace the lenses yourself?

Scott Makis says:

this lens is reminiscent of the original red iridium from back in the early m- frame days

Eric Pena says:

Hey Dann! Great review. Do you know if you need to unscrew the frame in order to replace the lenses? I know the lenses just pop out, but I feel you could damage the screws

Ben Kissling says:

That dream sucks ass

Rain Man says:

Need closer look

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

I saw online new straightlink torch iridium polarized… Is polarized version of torch iridium is lower in light transmission percentage than torch iridium?

Steveocubed says:

Those look good on you man. *thumbs up* I tried them on but unfortunately the base curvature of the frame along with the overall cut of the frame just doesn’t work for my noggin unfortunately. Been thinking about picking up an Asian fit model though.

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