Oakley SI Ballistic Shocktube

A look at a new style available from the Oakley Standard Issue site the Shocktube. Check them out at:



Francisco Parra says:

Hi – can these glasses be with prescription? Also, can I buy in SI Oakley not being myself military? Many thanks in advance

CS T says:

Are they stamped z87?

jose rey Recinto says:

its a mix of the Jawbone/Racing Jacket and Oil Rig features

Lisa Munoz says:

Hey there. Nice review. As a female I am looking for a small pair of eyepro for deployment and everything I come across is too large, hits my helmet etc. Would you say these are the smallest tactical glasses by oakley?

Popeye Fry says:

I’m looking for replacement lenses for the Shocktube but I’m having a hard time finding them. What lenses would fit this particular set of glasses if any?

Justin Dawson says:

Will the Shocktube accept the Split Jacket lenses?

Chris Hunt says:

In your opinion, which do you prefer between the Det Cord and the Shocktube?

Bill Smith says:

So do split jacket lenses also fit in here?

james toppi says:

Would u be interested in selling that split jacket?

Storm Trooper says:

What kind of fit do they have?? asian fit <> wide face?

Anonymous says:

It’s kinda b.s that only Military and Law Enforcment can buy these!!!

ar15mmdelta says:

How much do they run for on the S.I. site?

Bob johnson says:

do these fit looser than the gascans? I have a bigger head

sox fourtyfive says:

Same question as Bill Smith, do these use the same lenses as the Split Jacket or are they a different shape? Wanting to know because I own a Split Jacket and it would be great to mix and change lenses

Dann Thombs says:

The stem reminds me of the New Straight Jacket II, which is cool because one of the prototypes between the classic racing jacket, and the Jawbone/Split Jacket actually used the Straight Jacket II stem before they settled on the final design.

joe rod says:

Love this they look great.

SNEDDY says:

For those asking, Split Jacket and Jawbone lenses do not fit the Shocktube.

Dann Thombs says:

Also did you play with the hex tool much. What is it like taking the frame apart. I imagine this isn’t switchlock for ease of lens changing, but rather to cradle the lens instead of pressure fitting it into place. Less stress resulting in less distortion.

Chuck Norris says:

Lucky for you, you look good in most of them. Most Oakleys don’t fit me very well, only the racing jackets seem to be OK.

zioncartel says:

Those are a nice pair of shades. good review!

Anonymous says:

Will these lenses protect against just pistols or shotgun too?

jono jeff says:

Hello.which one is more well-fitting between the tombstone and the shocktube and do you have pictures of that two models?

sam 85 says:

I tried but can’t find it + what do this cost

Matt Contreras says:

could you use these every day use with out looking tacky or tacit-cool

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