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Sunglass Rob and Oakley Nick take to the waters of San Diego bay to review the Oakley Split Shot. See what they have to say about Oakley’s first water-specific sunglass.

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Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

The style is very similar to drop point, but still looks cool. I want one with prizm shallow.

z28 camaro says:

Hi! please make a video or share a link explaining the difference on Polarized, prizem, high polarized and all the other lenses. Oakley are not cheap and I need to make the right purchase. Thanks

thespig13 says:

Oakley’s are for fanboyz… get Costas if you want real glasses

Richard Isaac says:

What are the glsses ie, nick has on? Would like a pair. Regards Richard uk.

Deo James says:

Send me a pair im broke

dinesh malviya says:

Wow super

kay haverkort says:

And here i just bought the Porsche edition

Александр Лаукерт says:

Are you serious, 200$?

Badr Essam says:

Can you look at the sun with it
Do your eyes appear from its lens
Is its air protection good

will martyniw says:

Show the resolution of the lenses. That’d be a good way to sell a particular polarized or prism lense. Would like to see the improvements in what actually matters, the LENSE !!!

Steve Oprisu says:

Costa all day

Robert Featherstone says:

Those prism blue are dope

M. A. Y. says:

Hey I have a question I am considering buying a pair of oakleys but I wondered if these show your eyes in dim light conditions? Which lens type and lens color do you recommend for maximum eye invisibility? And is there a one that does not show the eyes under no circumstances?

Rodney's Fishing Adventure says:

Awesome glasses . Nice vid Rob!

Brandon Miller says:

They are lit

Libertyeagle99669 says:

Just got they are amazing

elly21 da bomb says:

OAKLEY ilove it

Albert Medina says:

They look amazing, hopefully Oakley will offer glass lenses in the near future.

hobpeeper says:

Are the lenses easily interchanged or is it pretty much one set for the glasses?

Matt Taylor says:

Will they offer them with a metal frame in the future?

Chan Kok Soon says:


Tim Frank says:

Are these available in a high rx option

Nahum De Leon says:

What color lenses is the guy wearing the hat

Peter Cameron says:

You guys are just copying Australian Spotters!

Frank Heck says:

Asian fit available?

The Deans says:

Oakley’s aren’t even made in the USA anymore. What a shame. Made in China.

whatfreedom7 says:

Are these five squared or gas can size?

Daniel Swartz says:

Are these available now?

Christopher T Munro says:

They almost look like a wrap version of the Holbrooks to me anyway

paul noble says:

Am I the only one to see a problem with that leash, think garroted/beheaded!!!

Brandon Brodbeck says:

Looks like a cheap version of my carbon shift. Ps. Oakley bring back the juliet’s or something that looks close to it!!!

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