Oakley Sunglasses Fit Questions

A look at the fit of some Oakley models as requested


Anon archy says:

what glasses would you recommend for a person with a large head?

K. Hajj says:

Wouldn’t it be great if someone were to make a video about Holbrook and Dispatch comparison, considering at how these two sunglasses are the most popular lifestyle design from Oakley? Side by side maybe, just to see the differences, especially size differences. But noooo…. except for that chick who made a video about it but didn’t really put it side by side which she should’ve. but nope. chuck testa.

eyespy you’re the only person that i can think of doing it. maybe you should

Montather Abd says:

hi dude i have one Q can you help me out i want to buy new oakley but i don’t know what fit ????? my weight 135 , height 5,6″ need to wear it all time………..please

MrJc9600 says:

Would a pair of jupiter squared look good on someone with a wide head? My nearest oakley store is 2 hours away.

dony275 says:

which lens is spread over
ruby or fire?

Djensenpaintball124 says:

Hey eyespy0099, how do crankcases fit in comparison to batwolfs and radars? Thanks!! – David

Brett D'Alelio says:

Dude I just ordered those same ones custom haha

eyespy0099 says:

they should fit wider heads but they will not be as wide as the oil rig

flex says:

thank you for your videos,really enjoy them

not12u says:

its all about ur nose! i hate my nose! leave a little gap when it sit on my face and its too close to my face!

OptiXDream says:

how does the fuel cell and the dispatch compare to the fit of oil rigs on slightly wider heads?

T Smith says:

thanks for the info…

Janah says:

YOUTH FIT sunglasses fits on adults to right ?

tang kuloy says:

Hi i just bought a holbrook.. i have a big head.. I have this problem of having headaches if the shades doesn’t fit well…. The staff at oakley said it will bend to the contours of my head in about 2 weeks.. They also suggested i bend it overnight… Will it really bend after wearing it for a long time? Ty.. I’ll return it if it wouldn’t.. Hope you can help me on this thank you

Xilla says:

radar path or flak jacket

Gear7even says:

i have never worn M Frames but i own Radars and they are amazing. They fit great because they arent too tight but i know they will never fall off. I have worn them while jet skiing with no problems. I also like that the lenses are great because I dont even notice that im wearing them most of the time.

redskins3724 says:

Do you think the Juliet’s are about the same size as flak jacket’s with regular lenses?

Wyatt says:

The red carbon fiber ones are epic.

db5dynasty says:

radars all the way with vented lenses. best for baseball

Craig McClinchey says:

Hey any chance you could do a video showing the difference in sizes between frogskins lx and frogskins?

eyespy0099 says:

yes, i would say they are fairly close in size

redskins3724 says:

Great information…….Do you know the size of oakley splice ice iridium sunglasses and are they about the same size as the split jackets?

Mark Seaforth says:

I just purchased the Crankshaft with a black Matte finish and I noticed that it easily shows oils on the frame off my hands.
I find that I have to be careful that my hands are perfectly clean before handling these sunglasses, otherwise I have to devote some time wiping or drying off the frame.
I even heard someone mention that the matte finish eventually turns to a polished appearance.

Is that true???

Have you ever done a video discussing the finishes on various Oakley frames?

I have seen many videos discussing the style of the frames and lenses, but nothing on about the pros and cons of Matte vs Polished frames and how they stand up to sand, sun and water over time.

Эсвет Эмирамзаев says:

Какие нах очки ?!? Займись ушами!

Fiber Net says:

you have cancer? u have scar in the neck

Adrianotrini says:

Can you please do a review on the Oakley Fast Jacket. I am interested in purchasing a pair.

Michael Kopiasz says:

flak jacket

Wesley Wall says:

How much did it cost to hydro dip the batwolfs?

eyespy0099 says:

thanks for the offer but i’m not interested

eyespy0099 says:

yes i think you will be fine. i know of many asian collectors who favor the fit of the frogskin

Christian Clark says:

HEY EYESPY0099 what is a good type Oakley sunglasses for cutting grass. or when you are cutting grass with a lawncrew?

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