Oakley Sunglasses Lens Tint Review (Part 1): Most Common Iridium Colors

A look at the most common lens tints Oakley offers from the perspective of looking through the lens as well as from the outside.

The following lenses are featured in this review: Black Iridium, Ice Iridium, Chrome Iridium, Fire Iridium, 24K Iridium, Positive Red Iridium, Emerald Iridium, Tungsten Iridium, Ruby Iridium, Violet Iridium, and Jade Iridium.

The lenses are featured as indicated in the timestamps below:
1) Overview of Oakley Lenses & Iridium (0:00 – 1:53)
2) Black Iridium (1:54 – 2:51)
3) Ice Iridium (2:52 – 3:38)
4) Chrome Iridium (3:39 – 4:39)
5) Fire Iridium (4:40 – 6:58)
6) 24K Iridium (6:59 – 8:08)
7) Positive Red Iridium (8:09 – 9:39)
8) Emerald Iridium (9:40 – 11:29)
9) Tungsten Iridium (11:30 – 12:39)
10) Ruby Iridium (12:40 – 14:31)
11) Violet Iridium (14:32 – 16:57)
12) Jade Iridium (16:58 – 18:31)

The following models of Oakley sunglasses are featured in this video: Holbrook, Titanium Crosshair, Xmetal XX, Jupiter Carbon, Antix, Dispatch 1, Racing Jacket/Jawbone, Monster Dog, Jupiter Squared, Dispatch 2, Pitbull, X Squared, Garage Rock, Fast Jacket, Deviation

Lenses Featured in Part 2: ( http://youtu.be/mpvjHcdxTJA ) VR28 Black Iridium Polarized, Gold Iridium, Titanium Iridium, Blue Iridium, G30 Black Iridium, Photochromic Clear to Black

Lenses Featured in Part 3: ( http://youtu.be/mcKprkYiEE8 ) Warm Grey, Grey (Polarized), Dark Grey, Bronze, Dark Bronze, G30, Persimmon

Lenses Featured in Part 4: (https://youtu.be/QrfYMMSzN88) Torch Iridium

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excalibur_caad10 says:

@SteveoSunglasses – What is the difference between ruby iridium polarized, black iridium (non- polarized) and Prizm road lenses? I’m undecided between these three because i do road cycling in California.

Choppaaah says:

BLACK IRIDIUM for the win!

Chap Micua says:

Which would you prefer, emerald iridium or 24k iridium, since they are both your favorite?

Robert Smith says:

This guys a pro on Oakley this is exactly what I needed answered. Thanks

Clyde L says:

Bro your head is too big for these glasses, lmao!!!

Real Philippines says:

Hey Steveo! Only chainlink fits great on my face shape. Now what chainlink has is only the Jade iridium. Since i’m a super fan of your recommendation, may i ask is Jade Iridium same as Emerald Iridium? It’s greenish and mirrorized. I’m about to cart one if you say they are one and the same as your emerald favorite. This part number Oakley Men’s Chainlink OO9252-10 from Amazon. Actually has a different part number in a different site, here is the other part# OO9247-04 in this different site but which looks exactly the same! I hope i could post it here so you could give your opinions on it. http://www.omaster.com.ph/shop/oakley-chainlink-grey-smoke-w-jade-iridium-lens Thanks lots man. =)

Gary Marsh says:

really excellent job with your review, Steve. You clearly know your stuff. Hugely useful resource.

Mark T says:

whats the best polarized frogskins lens for fishing?

Jesse Bork says:

Could any of these glasses have the same tints and be prescription lens? Okaleys website isn’t very clear on it I was looking at there Ruby iridaium polarized but spending $200 on non prescription lenses…. yea….

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison says:

HEY steve make one for prizm lenses…another question is blue iridium and vr28 blue iridium lenses are same …looks pretty much like prizm trail…

Glenn Sargent says:

hey steve o what kind of lens is in the oak;ey canteens great reviews man keep up the good work

ChrisCDXX says:

Dude, you really know your stuff. This video is really helping me out.
Now I know what I am looking at.. expect for asia fit.. I have NO idea what that means.. I am assuming the glasses are a slightly different shape maybe?

Photologix says:

Hey thanks for the video! It really helps me decide on my sunglasses tint. A quick question – is there a light transmission or color differences between normal iridium and polarized? example : Black Iridium vs Black Iridium Polarized

Damien Baker says:

would like to see a grey iridium lense review

Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn says:

We know what the lens tint looks like from the outside; we ARE outside.  “Sunglasses are great for sunny days!”  Seriously?   News next; Pope is Catholic… bears defecate in heavily wooded areas… sunglasses are ideal for sunny days.  Twat!

Shawn Belanger says:

Thank you so much for this video! It’s so helpful and prevented me from ordering a lens I would not have been happy with.

Eddie Thongkham says:

100,000 view

John says:

Great idea for a video!! Well done!! Thumbs all the way up!

Nathan A. says:

Actually i dont underatand a thing. The chrome iridium lense is grey or just a mirror without colors variation?

Shdez04 says:

I want a brown lense but not reflective mirror like, but one where you can’t see my eyes as much. Any suggestions? lol

James Murphy says:

good stuff, but do you know what color lens is best for tennis. To sharpen the yellow ball and depth perception.

Michael Terrell says:

Awesome video. Just what I was looking for. Thanks

Madeleine Noelle says:

awesome video thanks

Kamen Rider says:

overpriced shade. .

Rocky Chicoma says:

Best explanation i’ve had. I’m just starting to understand the value of Oakley. Think my first pair will be 24k.

Jay Bra says:

First, get rid of that lithp. Secondly, your TV stand, the bottom of it, looks like an eye when reflected from the lenses. If you look for it in your right lens it looks just like an eye looking down and to the right of the camera and moves as your head does and looks super freaky. Have a good one man.

Victor Hugo says:

Can you do the polarized version of these

ljungism says:

Hi Steve, thanks for all the videos, I enjoy ‘revising’ through them over and over again.
May I ask how is positive red compared to jade iridium when looking through? Based on your video, both sound similar and has ‘slight blue hue’. (in terms of looking through, which concern me more than how I am being looked at)
Thanks again.

Andréas Remis says:

Chrome or Black Iridium????????? Agh!

Jupiter W says:

What’s lens would you recommend for indoor sports (tennis)?  We tried the clear lens but does not filter the glare from the lights.

papa Bear says:

hey Steveo, thanks for awesome research on Oakleys…. i personally don’t care how the tint looks from outside but i am looking for Polarized or Prism Polarized or Iridium Polarized lense that do not add any tint when you look through them..i am looking for something that would enhance the image while showing the natural colors when you look through them. I would greatly value your suggestion on this.

Connor Weeks says:

Nice vid, i personally like the violet iridium… well i guess its because I bought some oakleys in that color so I’m going to like it but nice vid

Calbenmike says:

Great, great video. I just bought a pair of Oakley Blenders today with the Emerald Iridium lenses. It will be my first pair of Oakleys with this lens tint. Generally I go with the black iridium.

Jack Fischer says:

unfortunately emerald has been discontinued. oakley still has a few emerald holbrooks on their website, but who knows how long that will last.

zee anemone says:

did you remember to disable auto white balance in your camera? it seems to change. which is silly

Rob 7 says:

i don’t see how your helping your just showing a photograph threw all the lenses…

Major League Stickball says:

Thanks a lot. This video was super informative and will help me towards choosing a new prescription sunglass setup for stickball. High sun, lots of glare from asphalt, and trying to hit a shaved tennis ball with a 1.25″ diameter bat being thrown at you at 90mph. Thanks again. I’m leaning towards the Emerald Iridium……currently am using a black iridium and won the triple crown as a hitter with it…so I guess it can’t be that bad!

John Lingelbach says:

just revisited this series of videos…infinitely better now that you’ve listed what is in each video and linking to the start of each segment…well done! thanks!

Axel Cavalganti says:

gold iridium vintage ???

Motorcitymadman says:

Thank you.

Peanut Clyde says:

Dude, THANK YOU. I’ve been searching everywhere for info about why my Jade Iridiums have so much purple when every other ones I see are straight green (I’ve got them for Half-Jacket 2.0s so there’s more curvature than the other frames I’m seeing). I lamented the fact that they replaced the old Emeralds, since I had the original Half-Jackets in that color, and much preferred it without purple. I love the green lenses and am looking at some flatter ones for my next shades. Looks like I’ll give Jade another shot.

Rahim ullah Raja says:

I like Iridium lenses

Dave X says:

This is excellent video, thanks a lot! One of the best videos regarding oakley lens colors around.

Rene Sierra says:

24K; What glasses are those?

korling99 says:

what’s your opinion of the Ti Square Wires

Malcolm Wong says:

very good review mate

CobraOfficer999 says:

I prefer red iridium or fire iridium my self. I have two Fire Iridium lenses customs (1 pair M Frame 2’s and one pair of Tailends) that I alternate. I also have a retired and very beat up pair of M-1’s. Nice reviews. Have you tried the Tailends? It seems most current Oakley designs incorperate the mirror shades.

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