Oakley Sunglasses Lens Tint Review (Part 2): Less Common Iridium Colors

A look at some less common lens tints Oakley offers from the perspective of looking through the lens as well as from the outside.

The following lenses are featured in this review: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized, Gold Iridium, Titanium Iridium, Blue Iridium, G30 Black Iridium, and Photochromic Clear to Black.

The lenses are featured as indicated in the timestamps below:
1) VR28 Black Iridium Polarized (0:30 – 1:54)
2) Gold Iridium (1:55 – 3:04)
3) Titanium Iridium (3:05 – 4:39)
4) Blue Iridium (4:40 – 6:14)
5) G30 Black Iridium (6:15 – 7:41)
6) Photochromic Clear to Black (7:42 – 8:28)

The following models of Oakley sunglasses are featured in this video: Deviation, Ten X, Crosshair, Fast Jacket XL, Holbrook LX, Fast Jacket

Lenses Featured in Part 1: ( http://youtu.be/tZhrz819s2s ) Black Iridium, Ice Iridium, Chrome Iridium, Fire Iridium, 24K Iridium, Positive Red Iridium, Emerald Iridium, Tungsten Iridium, Ruby Iridium, Violet Iridium, Jade Iridium

Lenses Featured in Part 3: ( http://youtu.be/mcKprkYiEE8 ) Warm Grey, Grey (Polarized), Dark Grey, Bronze, Dark Bronze, G30, Persimmon

Lenses Featured in Part 4: (https://youtu.be/QrfYMMSzN88) Torch Iridium

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Alex Fu says:

Your videos are fantastic, very informative, job well done! I love fishing and am looking for a polarized pair and was wondering what options are there? I was thinking something with a blue mirror type finish would look pretty cool. Any recommendations? The other thing is frame, I am thinking something along the lines of Fuel Cell or something similar with a fairly trendy wrap-around look, do you have any recommendations? Oh one other thing, I can’t wear contacts which means I will require prescription lenses, will that limit my choices?


What is the bluish color ur wearing in the end of This video

Glen Murray says:

@SteveoSunglasses FYI not all blue iridium is contrast..the blue iridium in the Juliet(99) was a nuetural base

Eduardo Andrade says:

what about sapphire iridium? Does it have a neutral base color and what amount of light is let in? Is it similar to ice iridium?

emilsal says:

Another great video. What’s the frame/ lens you’re wearing before ending the video?

Dann Thombs says:

Ah finally, another guy on Youtube doing detailed Oakley reviews. Definitely subbing, and I’ll help repost on the various social media sites. Also if you want, you can add video reviews to the database on O-Review, and they’ll show up on the front page for some extra exposure. 

Also VR = Vermillion Red which was what the reps were saying ten years ago, as that’s the common dye color used for the poly carb base. However I’ve seen some documents (in Spanish) and one blog that mention violet mixing with rust, but the Rust base hasn’t been used since the early 90’s, so it may just be some misinformation that’s been passed on and taken for truth. When in doubt, I go with the older of the explanations. Either way, it’s a great lens like you said. 

Keep it up. 

BARDEK says:

Nice work … I have the Plaintiff VR28 Black Iridium POLARIZED … buy in 2012 and still good … the only problem is Iridum scratches easily.

Grant Womble says:

Does the lens being polarized affect what you see through it?

Logan L says:

Hey what do you think of the new prizm lenses?

Juan Ramirez says:

I want to thank you for doing this video. I picked the VR28 Black Iridium polarized because of the video. I picked it for outdoor sports like shooting sports and for driving I I absolutely love them.

Osman Hussain says:

black iridium polarized and ice iridium polarized are the best lens their light tansmission is 9% compare to other lenses

Astronomy For Change says:

what is the name is the classes at the end? Minute 8:40 ?

BlackFire1300 says:

how BOUT SAPPhire iridium

Wellison Queiroz says:

hi steve o, I am Wellison of Brazil .. I’d like to know what lens you’re using the last part of the video. 1 .. a blue color swimming pool .. blue iridium? thank you for now..

Michael Travis Matthews Walls says:

I was going to get VR28 Black Iridium on my crosshair 2.0, but after seeing this vid, it’s titanium iridium all the way! Thanks!

Wellison Queiroz says:

sorry.. my english is very poor :/

Gary Marsh says:

Steve, you are a pro. You should do this kind of thing for a career.

John Stevensen says:

Hey Steve-O 
Great videos…. Do you think you will have the opportunity to review the emerald transitions lens?  Very difficult to find any videos/photos of them in action.

Eddie Runcorn says:

What’s the lens tint in the last pair of glasses, they look an awesome blue. Thanks dude.

Lucky Shots says:

Hey quick tip for your camera when doing the comparisons. Set the camera to the correct exposure and lock the settings in manual mode prior to putting the lenses in front of the camera. It makes for an actual look rather than an adjusted look.

Edmond Lo says:

I saw your youtube video about ice iridium vs naked eye. What about sapphire iridium vs naked eye looks like?

Jason Sutliff says:

– Differences between, or reasons for, +Red IR & OO Positive Red IR?

I have bothin different frames, etc., so I know they exist, look different, are still available, etc.

Thank you for all you have done so far …

chris hoop says:

I would like to buy the Oakley EVZero Path. I will use it for running and cycling for almost every weather. I am a little bit overstrained because I have no clue what kind of lenses I should buy. Do you know something about the Prizm lens? What kind of lens would you recommend in my case?

Dread&tired says:

hi steveo your face look like a Hershey’s Kisses

Rick Cash says:

I have a pair of Radar Paths. The 00 Red, which I was hoping you would have discussed here, are scratched and hard to find.

I either want to go green for fishing or blue to give the red and white the last color of the USA. I would like red, white or blue, darkest available.

I liked your review of the Sapphire for the blue. Emerald for green. Unsure for a red.

I fish fresh and shallow salt. I kayak rivers. I hike and ride mostly, off trail. I also hunt and shoot targets.

Was going to get black iridium to make them a everyday pair. I would also go with polarized.

Right now I’m not sure if they will make these available in replacements for the Paths.

Why of you think?

Trương Phạm Quốc says:

could you please show the transcript, i cant hear all 🙁

Curtis Wesley says:

What are the lenses that you are wearing at the end of the video?

KrabbenSlick says:

Hey Steveo, one question here. I know you said that another pair, of glasses in part one, where good for Baseball, but what about the photochromic ones?, The thing is, i gotta get some Oakley ones for Baseball playing, with “strengh” in them, because i dont see that good on my one eye, so im gonna wear them, nomather if the sun is shining or not. But it would be cool, if they also protected my eyes when the sun was shining, but if its cloudy, that i also still can have them on. Hope my question makes any sence, English aint my primary language, anyway, have a nice day

Connor Risberg says:

hey steveo i watched both vidoes on iridium lens and i saw that you had ice iridium but what about SAPHIRE IRIDIUM? or are they the same thing?

Pesca Informal says:

Awesome channel, Steve.
Very informative and useful.

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