Oakley Sunglasses Lens Tint Review (Part 3): Non-Iridium Colors

A look at non-iridium lens tints Oakley offers from the perspective of looking through the lens as well as from the outside.

The following lenses are featured in this review: Warm Grey, Grey (Polarized), Dark Grey, Bronze, Dark Bronze, G30, and Persimmon.

The lenses are featured as indicated in the timestamps below:
1) Overview of Non-Iridium Oakley Lenses (0:00 – 0:39)
2) Warm Grey (0:40 – 1:30)
3) Grey (1:31 – 2:12)
4) Dark Grey (2:13 – 3:17)
5) Bronze (3:18 – 3:57)
6) Dark Bronze (3:58 – 4:44)
7) G30 (4:45 – 5:34)
8) Persimmon (5:35 – 6:29)

The following models of Oakley sunglasses are featured in this video: Ducati Crosshair, Holbrook LX, Crosshair, Holbrook, Deviation, Radarlock, Fast Jacket XL

Lenses Featured in Part 1: ( http://youtu.be/tZhrz819s2s ) Black Iridium, Ice Iridium, Chrome Iridium, Fire Iridium, 24K Iridium, Positive Red Iridium, Emerald Iridium, Tungsten Iridium, Ruby Iridium, Violet Iridium, Jade Iridium

Lenses Featured in Part 2: ( http://youtu.be/mpvjHcdxTJA ) VR28 Black Iridium Polarized, Gold Iridium, Titanium Iridium, Blue Iridium, G30 Black Iridium, Photochromic Clear to Black

Lenses Featured in Part 4: (https://youtu.be/QrfYMMSzN88) Torch Iridium

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Randolf says:

yooo dude, i got a question I got this fire red iridum lens and it started bubbling, i used some scotch tape to remove the film and it looked bronze does it still have the same protection and other good stuff?

ReverseCycoIogy says:

I’m about to order Oakley Breadbox matte black frame with dark bronze lens but I plan to change the lens to polarized stealth black lens.  I wanted matte black frame with black polarized but they don’t have that option so I have to customize it so I chose the one that’s the cheapest.  I was wondering have you ever broke any Oakley frames before?  Is matte stronger than polished frames or vice versa?  Thanks.

Title5602110189 Title5602110189 says:


allemander says:

What about the Oakley industrial M frames that are sold on Amazon with clear lenses? Do those let in 100% of light? I bought them for bicycling at night and for shooting sports, riding 4-wheelers and eye protection while doing yard work.

19bearsfansince79 says:

Like a boss!!! Nice job Steve!!!

Pink Basil says:

Big thanks! From Thailand.

Yajson Catulong says:

please do a review on gascans and chainlinks..
thank you..

Edmond Lo says:

Great Job Steve, your review is perfect. Any chance to have prizm lens review ?

MisterSir says:

cool channel bro

SnazzyPanic says:

do you have a video on the dark bronze lens cant find one

Christian Garcia says:

hello. i just wanna know what’s your wearing at 6:30 – 6:40 whats color iridium is that? soo cool 🙂 isnt Holbrook? Tia.

snit snat says:

hey steveosunglasses, do you have PRIZM lenses review? how about a review thanks!

Andre L says:

watched all 3 parts.
with so many Oakley lens colours and names your videos are really a lot of help.
finally was able to figure out what 2 lenses I actually own )))
thanks man.

Donny Guillén says:

Excellent 3 Part videos on lens tint! Just what I needed!

Anothony Burke-Zastowny says:

I am interested in red tint.

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