Oakley Tincan Carbon Sunglasses Review (Ferrari Edition)

A review of the Oakley Tincan Carbon Ferrari Edition Sunglasses!

1) A Brief Overview of the Tincan (0:00 – 0:35)
2) How the Carbon Version Is Different (0:36 – 0:50)
3) Fit (0:51 – 1:14)
4) A Closer Look at the Ferrari Colorway (1:15 – 1:35) (1:57 – 2:26)
5) Feel & Light Leakage of the Frame (1:36 – 1:56)
6) Screwless Hollowpoint Hinge Design & Frame Analysis (2:27 – 3:15)
7) Ferrari Special Edition Extras (3:16 – 3:24)
8) Getting Brian Takumi’s Autograph (3:25 – 3:49)

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Thank you very much for your answers.
Now my all doubts are clear.
Keep it up your videos are so helpful.


Thank’s again for this video
I’m ferrari fan and oakley its just wow i mean amazing work.
I love all those ferrari edition glasses I already tried all of these in shop they are all fit on my face perfectly tincan, chainlink, styleswitch, carbonblade, twoface, fuelcell.
But I have some question about oakley sunglasses. I wish that you can help me to know all about these sunglasses.

Larissa Santos says:

oakley impera brasil


These are my questions
1.Are all oakley sunglasses is made in usa?
2.In ferrari edition glasses which color look bright in sun red or yellow?
3.why twoface and badman and chainlink don’t come with ruby ferrari edition?
4.what is diffrence between oakley and oakley vault models?
5.which is better polarised or prizm?

emilsal says:

Nice vid. Sold my regular tincan and bought the carbon version. Much better fit for my medium large face as you mentioned. Keep it up.

manoel Magalhães says:

Olá quanto custa este óculos?


Recently vettle and Kimi spotted with their new oakley in Budapest seb wearing fuelcell and kimi tried tincan and badman those are so cool.
But I want to know when Kimi used twoface in ruby option are they etched with ferrari logo?

Dann Thombs says:

Those are gorgeous. I wish my want-list wasn’t miles long or these would be on it.


+StevoSunglasses are the lense glass?

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