Oakley Turbine

A look at the Oakley Turbine in Black Ink Frame with Sapphire Iridium lenses


waitwhatlol says:

they look similar to the Eyepatch 2, or is it just me?

Khameleontech59 Gmail says:

Thank You Very Much for this video. Because of this video I will purchasing these in Brown Smoke / Dark Bronze for my honeymoon to Aruba.

Jerome Ierome says:

Why dont people talk about lense sizes when they make these videos!!

Louie Pagan says:

Great video and review. Any chance you’ll be reviewing the new Flak 2.0 in the future?

Michael Terrell says:

Is there any color change looking through the blue lens? I have a pair of Typhoon Cedros Isle with meridian green lenses and it puts a slight pink hue on really bright days. Before them I wore Maui Jim Peahi for 8 years with grey lenses so it took some getting used to

TheJansin says:

Awsome shades my new fav pair of O’s got them a week ago.
Great Video thank’s

Gain Medium says:

I like oakleys, I just hate the cheesy names they use for stuff.

Jessee Lopez says:

How much did they cost? I saw a pair in Cozumel, Mexico this week for $190

Azeckwazion says:

Man you scared me right there. You look like Ryan Reynolds.

Zeseila Lugo says:

you can get them cheaper if you have cell phones from verizon on the verizon rewards. way cheaper (:


I guess you collect knives. I have some of the most antique knives you will ever find. Made by master craftsmen. I am based in India. I would like to trade them for Oakley x metal juliets. If you are interested let me know

Juan Alvarado says:

Hey +eyespy0099 you said the icons are interchangeable. I’ve been searching the web for other colors or how to swap them out but cant seem to find any info. Any idea  where I can get other icon colors for this frame?

Wyatt Johnson says:

you should do a video of the similarities and differences in the oakley m2 frames and the m frames

skituljko says:

Are those a little bit narrower then Fuel cell or no? I like Fuel cell but they are just a little bit too wide for me. These looks nice but i dont know anything about how wide they are

paul pentony says:

picked mine up today. fantastic!

TheJansin says:

Awsome shades my new fav pair of O’s got them a week ago.
Great Video thank’s

Peter Crowell says:

Great review. Very helpful.

Boussaty says:

are they plastic lenses ? thanks

edwardm419 says:

Can you do a comparison video of the turbines and the fuel cells?

deknegt says:

Yo man, I personally picked these up today myself. I have a very broad head, so most glasses don’t fit at all or bend outwards which makes for a stupid sight. But when I picked up these, they just fit like a glove and they just felt right. The coverage is perfect, I love the iridium/sapphire with the black like you do, and it was pretty much love at first sight.

Usually I never spend big on fashion items, but since it’s so hard to find good sunglasses for my head-type, I was instantly in love with this pair. Loving the glasses, also great video on them, really agree with your sentiments.

Gamer4Life says:

Are these lenses Z80.3 or ANSI Z87.1 impact resistant rated? Do they have it printed in the arms? Id be wearing these at work, and they need to be approved by my saftey manager.

silverdropstang says:

I plan to pick these up soon. What color icons are those? Im guessing black but could possibly be gun metal.

MxShee01 says:

I honestly think the ruby lenses that I have are horrible in the sun you can see my eyes

MxShee01 says:

will in the sun can you see your eyes? please let me know thanks just want to know if these or the ice are see threw

wallaby steyr AUG says:

i bought mine three days ago

Mike Cleveland says:

How is the size on these?  I currently wear and like Fuel Cells.  I think gas cans are too small, both at the nose (I have a small bump on the bridge of my nose from a high school injury) and the lens size.  How is the fit compared to the Fuel Cell?

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