Oakley Two Face Sunglasses Review

A review of the Oakley Two Face.

1) Introduction of Frame (0:00 – 0:31)
2) Composition, Weight, and Sturdiness of the Frame (0:32 – 1:20)
3) Discussion of O Matter Plastic (1:21 – 1:58)
4) Analysis of Hinges and Materials Used (1:59 – 2:19)
5) Modeling & Analyzing the Polished Black with Jade Colorway (2:20 – 2:54)
6) How the Two Face Fits (2:55 – 3:25)
7) Modeling & Analyzing the Polished Black with Violet [Custom] Colorway (3:26 – 3:46)
8) Lens Size Comparison to Holbrook / Jupiter Squared (3:47 – 4:51)
9) Discussion of Wayfarer Style Frames, Fashion, & Light Protection (4:52 – 5:19)
10) A Closer Look at the Nose Bridge Area (5:20 – 5:28)

Colorways Featured: Polished Black with Jade Iridium Lenses & Polished Black with Violet Iridium Lenses.

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Jean-Paul Arcia says:

Hi SteveO, fan of your reviews! I just bought a pair of the two face and Holbrook both with the prizm lenses. Any thoughts of the lenses? Wanted to get your point of view. Thanks!

Timothy Sinclair says:

Hi Steve, I love the look and style of the Two Face, but I really need good peripheral protection. Any suggestions? Great review by the way!

carriv says:

I have a pair of these. Great for large faces

juan pinto says:

It is normal that when you open the lens legs sound

Makaveli_TheDon says:

hey bro, nice review! Can you please tell me what or where I can get that case you have holding all your oakleys behind you? …My collection has gotten way to big over the years and I need a nice way to keep them organized instead of just sitting in their cases in my closet! Thanks in advance

MrKlyde44 says:

Where can you get them customized? I want matte black with chrome bottom with polarize. At the retail store and Oakley website I could only find the limited edition Ferraris that looked perfect, but didn’t have polarization.

Glenn Smith says:

cool video man, you’ve convinced me to purchase 🙂

Chris T says:

can you get custom twoface glasses because there aren’t any on the Oakley website

Dann Thombs says:

Great review. I’ve yet to pick up a pair, but they are on my list. The metal is Aluminum, so it will be a similar alloy to the Jury and Jupiter Factory Lite, rather than the C5 of the standard wires. 

I’ve had a few other people mention that the O Matter seems a little different.

SmokingCausesLungCancer says:

Great video. I’ve had a pair of these for about 3 years now. Am looking to get a new pair. Has anybody else had the paint on the aluminium wrinkle and peel off? Or is it just me and my acid face sweat?

Mark Papenfus says:

mine has no metal its all plastic

doug03 says:

Nice review, I just got a pair and it´s exactly how you described!!

Kommandant986 says:

Hi Steveo, I’m Asian and have a relatively low nose bridge (I currently wear Asian-fit Oakley Flak Jackets, but I’m looking for something more casual). Between the Holbrook and the TwoFace, which one has the larger nose piece (so the bottom of the lens franes don’t sit on my cheeks)? I’ve tried the Jupiter Squared, but those kinda slide off my nose and sit more on my cheeks (if that helps). Thanks!


How can you tell the difference between real oakley twoface and fake ones?

Jean-Paul Arcia says:

Also where did you get storage box for you glasses? Been looking but haven’t found anything decent. Thanks!

Justin Barry says:

i love the quality on all of your videos!

Sophia Murphy says:

Great vid. i was wondering if you know what the numbers on the nose bridge represent? My pair reads ” 60 16 with an oakley “O” in between. any info would be apperciated

J Lee says:

Thanks for doing these videos. I’m thinking about adding these in asian fit. I have asian fit flak jacket xlj’s, chainlinks, and holbrooks. Considering this pair or the Slivers, or possibly the standard Tinfoil to be more for driving and walking around. Any thoughts on fit for an asian face? The chainlinks fit me a little better than the holbrooks, although that might be the rubber just holding a little more snugly. Appreciate your thoughts.

robert diaz says:

hey steveo I’m a new sub and i like your oakley reviews and i would like for you to review a pair of holbrooks

Christina Fornino says:

Two face or holbrooks?

DjK Productions says:

Nice review!
Are these bigger than the oakley plaintiff glasses?

David Cruz says:

I was wondering, can you change icons on these

Fernando Maldonado says:

Hello SteveO, can you please make a review of the badman ruby/plasma sunglasses… it seems you own the company or a very well stocked shop 😀 kind regards!!!

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