Oakley Valve Sunglasses Review

A review of the new Oakley Valve Sunglasses (Carbon Fiber with Chrome Iridium Lenses).

1) History & Frame Comparisons (0:00 – 1:29)
2) Wrap & Fit (1:30 – 1:47), (3:17 – 4:28)
3) Discussing the Carbon Fiber/Chrome Colorway (1:48 – 2:31)
4) The “Snappiness” of the Dual Cam Hinges (2:32 – 3:16)
5) Why Oakley’s Usage of the Word “Carbon” Is Confusing (4:28 – 6:16)
6) Final Thoughts on Pro’s & Con’s (6:17 – 7:36)

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airborn65 says:

@Steveo, Have you tried the Asian or Alternate Fit of this Oakley Valve? Does it touche your cheeks when you smile up to the point of lifting the frames off your nose?

S Hu says:

Hi, really enjoy all your reviews.  I am curious in hearing your opinions on the similarities and differences between the Valve and Pitbull sunglasses; specifically how they fit you.  

Kevin Snow says:

Great review.  

I was thinking getting the about the new Oakley Sunglass Hut exclusive Canteens. Those are so lightweight but these look better.

I will be wearing them for use around town.  Nothing active.

Which should I buy?

whatfreedom7 says:

Anyone know if these are the same size as fives squared?

Trafener says:

I disagree, they seem to small at the front for such a large head…medium head and smaller head works far better.

J M says:

Have you got your hand on the Oakley turbines yet?

soloflight1975 says:

Hey bro! Just want ask an advice, im planning to buy a valve photochromic with prescription and use it as a daily glasses, do you think its weird to use a sunglass frame as a daily glasses? What do you think?

Kavinsky Smith says:

Hey I just bought the polarized version of these glasses and I seem to be getting alot of glare through the lense, like its reflecting into my eye under direct sunlight, and I’m not sure what to make of that, like if I have direct light coming at me they go through and reflect back onto the glass so I can see my own eyes in them. 

and I’m not sure what I can do or look for in a glass so that doesnt happen, as I’ve tried like mutiple pairs of glasses at this point, all polarized that seem to have that issue, and I’m just kinda at my witts end.

SteveoSunglasses says:

@ Kevin Snow — Hey sorry for responding so late!  For some reason, I did not see the comment on my feed.  I think both Canteens and Valves are great picks if you’re looking for that style.  Canteens are a little smaller than Valves so if it’s strictly a head size thing, I’d go with whatever works.  In terms of personal aesthetics however, I slightly prefer the Valve.  I like how the arm is a bit more streamlined looking and I like the unique unobtainium configuration.  Also, the Canteen from what I remember doesn’t have rubber on the nosebombs.  Overall though very similar profile frames so you can’t really go wrong with either one.

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