Oakley Wiretap Sunglasses Review

A review of the new Oakley Wiretap. (a C5 alloy wire half frame released in 2013)

1) Introduction of Frame (0:00 – 0:13)
2) Comparison to Old Wiretap (0:14 – 0:25)
3) Comparison to Flack Jacket XLJ (0:26 – 0:45)
4) A Closer Look at the Design Accents & Features (0:46 – 1:05)
5) Size, Fit, & Look (1:06 – 1:57)
6) Spring Hinge Design (1:58 – 2:27)
7) Carbon Colorway with Emerald Polarized Lenses (2:28 – 2:36)
8) Light Colorway with Ice Iridium Lenses (2:37 – 2:46)
9) Lens/Face Proportions (2:47 – 3:02)
10) Comfort & Recommended Usage (3:03 – 3:45)

Colorways Featured (in order of appearance): Carbon Colorway with Emerald Polarized Lenses, Light Colorway with Ice Iridium Lenses

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TheJex46 says:

Would you kindly do a review of Oakley x-metal halfX, and how it compared with Flak Jacket XLJ in terms of fit and dimension? Thanx
PS: also expecting for your review of Badman. cheers

Jason Duhamel says:

I was planning on buying these until I found out Oakley does not make replacement lenses for them so if you scratch the lenses, your out upwards of $240. I’ll pass

Babji Karri says:

Oakley have shot themselves in the foot with their discontinuing the old style wiretap and juliet models.Fuck you Oakley!

Mateus Bravo says:

Is it possible to replace the lenses easily by hand? Thanks!!!

AngeloR674 says:

this model looks like more of the xmetal half x….

benlg says:

Great review bro, I was almost sold at metal flak jacket as you described but def dont like heavy. Maybe I”ll opt for the Oakley Square Wire instead

Dann Thombs says:

The original Wiretap was interesting. They couldn’t decide what to do with the nose pieces, so there was a Mars style ‘stub’, then some hard rubber pads on stems, then finally the clear pads like the other wires. 

MrTw2009 says:

This is cool looking sunglass. I wish there were more options on the oakley site at the moment.

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