Replacement OAKLEY Lenses that Don’t Suck!

I wear Oakleys a lot. Like, a whole lot. I frequently wear out the lenses, and am rather disappointed at how easily the finish scratches on these high-cost sunglasses. WALLEVA makes quality replacement lenses for Oakley sunglasses, including the GASCAN model I wear frequently. Check them out for some qoog replacement lenses that cost one-third of what Oakley charges. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands mentioned.


Daniel Lima says:

Good video, bro. I’ve had oakley sunglasses for quite a while now and totally agree with you on how easily they scratch and even peel off. Got new 2 pairs of Walleva lenses for my Racing and Split Jacket after watching your video. Kudos!

AntVapes says:

Great video.

littlegoobie says:

“normal” for lenses to become that damaged. That’s what Oakley wants you to believe because their products are all 100% plastic garbage.. I can show you glass lens raybans, serengeti’s, mauijim’s, etc, that are 15-40 yrs old (like original wayfarers, aviators, etc) that look as good as the day they were bought. don’t fall for their bullshit.

Chris Clark says:

Its funny how people think you can make a high performance lens which the feature set that Oakley brings to the table and make them scratch proof.  Sunglasses are disposable. They are not meant to last for years and years. 1 year is the performance life of sunglasses. Even if you have no scratches the coating will start to break down due to UV exposure and chemical exposure from the environment and lens cleaning chemicals or soaps. Awesome knife by the way.

jas zg says:

I would never buy a oakley sunglasses again.After one year my lens start exfoliate.And no,i didnt use any acid or similar things.Very bad sunlasses and quality.I have some other sunglasses(different brand) and they are in the same condition for over then 6 yearsOakley is the worse experiance ever!

Mingcheng Li says:

Nice lenses,often buy the lenses from this seller,economical and high qauality.

Damien says:

being shatter proof probably gives them the opposite property you thought at first. as they make them with more flexible plastic so it doesn’t crack and shatter but the trade off is it is softer.

Lee Gordon says:

Great video, you hit on a lot of key points about Oakley glasses. They’re definitely my only go to glasses. Walleva is a great option for changing lenses

G7130 says:

Everyone might be aware, but Luxottica owns and makes Oakley, Prada, LV, etc. pretty much all of them and they all come out of the same design factories and manufacturing facilities. So, these direct replacements are essentially the same thing just no branding. It’s not that China sells them out the back door its that the country doesn’t acknowledge most foreign patents.

jason M says:

I like the walls a lens clarity, but it scratches way way too easy. I had my gas cans in my sunglasses holder compartment in my car(overhead) and the vibration from driving must’ve shaken the gas cans a lil bit and I had a ton of scratches on both lenses. I was pissed off pretty bad and now trying legend lenses.

Homicideinvestigate says:

Agreed on the lenses. I average right around two years shelf life on my Okleys until the lenses are completely toast. However, the performance and quality that I get during that time outweighs the fact that I have to drop $165 – $200 every couple years to replace them. I look at it like this; if I buy cheap $15 dollar glasses four times a year, thats $120 over two years, plus, with those you don’t get the shatterproof quality that you get from Oakleys, and that in and of itself is priceless.

Mingcheng Li says:

Nice lenses,often buy the lenses from this seller,economical and high quality.

Mike Masztal says:

Great video. I love my Oakleys, but as they say, “On your face or in a case”.

plejaren giants says:

Yeh..Walleva or Revant sell replacement lenses for a fraction of the price of authentic Oakley lenses.


I’ve given up on Oakley. As you said, they are comfortable, but coming with no hard lens coating at their price point is not acceptable.

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