Review and Comparison of Oakley M2 Frame vs. Radar Path

Video review and comparison of Oakley M2 Frame and Radar Path.


DCUPtoejuice says:

looks to me like the glass extends the same on both, but the M2 does not have plastic to block past the edge of the frame.

Eddie Runcorn says:

A very good review thanks. You’ve convinced me I need the M2’s in my Oakley collection.

JJ llun says:

M2 fit good for big head or big face guy ? Thanks

white hawk says:

Please can make a video of how to chance nosepiece for the M2 and where to buy it

Mr. Desert says:

i just bought the same m2 ‘s today and im loving them i have never payed $160 for a pair of suglasses but there worth it

Rixter says:

How is the overall curve/width of the M2 vs Radar? I use the Radar now for cycling but I’m considering an M2 and not sure if it’s wide enough to wear over top of helmet straps. Also the Radar is VERY flexible a when the temple arms are bent outwards slightly when putting on over helmet straps. Is the M2 equally flexible/durable as far as you can tell? Thanks for the review

DemocracyOfHypocrisy says:

I just picked up the Oakley M2 used for 40 bucks to use when I’m shooting. They’ve got some wear and scratched lens but I’m gonna replace the lens and the rubber if I can.

Chase Jaworsky says:

i have the m2 frame in normal lense but that lense is a lot bigger

Noah selb says:

So can any radar frame take any radar lense?

Alex Kovac says:

Are M2 made in USA?

rtrain67 says:

M2!!!!  ALL THE WAY!!!  Thanks for this review. I received my Gascans yesterday and I was disappointed. They stuck out too far from my brow, plus peripherally I could see the the arms.  Seriously, my $6.00 sunglasses wrapped better sat close to my face, and I have had them 1 year carrying them in my coat pocket without a protector.  They have a few tiny scratches but they otherwise very durable.  If I could get lenses that would fit I would put them on those $6.00 frames and be very happy.   Anyway, I tried on a $20.00 pair of knockoffs to the M2, same exact lens as the M2’s with a bridge and a ruby mirror coating.  I loved them! They looked great, they fit close to my face and eyes and I could see out of the corners of my eye which is really important for a few reasons, driving is one because people and cars can appear out of nowhere and peripheral vision is critical, and walking in a busy and crowded city is the other, you always need to be able to see whose coming your way, especially if they are off to the side. I am returning my Gascans and maybe getting the M2 or the cheap $25.00 pair, I was happy with the $6.00 pair so why not! 

andrademeza says:

how are the path glasses for shooting?

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