The Definitive Guide to Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Nick and Rob are here to give you the rundown on the whole Oakley Holbrook line. The Holbrook has become one of Oakley’s top sellers and for good reason. Casual or sport, the Holbrook fits in no matter what the activity is. Light and durable with a timeless classic look these frames are one size fits most and suitable for medium to large faces.

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KindTerps559 says:

temple to temple length?

SeeEmm M says:

Hi! Just got my prescription oakley holbrook sunglasses, it doesn’t have the “made in usa” inside the frame/temple. Are they legit/fake oakleys?

Joe McDaniel says:

Do you guys sell (specifically) Prizm Black replacement lenses for these? Or any other non-polarized Prizm replacement lenses?

Twisted SG says:

Does anyone know which one of these you can change the lenses and which can’t be changed?

paul d says:

Hi what model is nick wearing at the start of the video?

chono2555 says:

Are the Prizm tungsten polarized lens mirrored?

Im here because im bored says:

I wonder how much a pair of these glasses is worth to oakley, I would be stunned if they were worth more than $1.50

Asian Boys Productions says:

Can u play sports with the Holbrooks?

Chris Milburn says:

Any chance a Holbrook XL video is on the way?!

Eric Bautista says:

Hi! Just want to ask if the regular gray/black lenses holbrook will still have its coating to peel off like the iridium polarized lenses?

I am a fan of Oakley sunglasses but you know when it comes to peel off / bubble issues on lenses, it’s just too disappointing. I experienced it already with my gascans and fuel cells, despite of care and washing the lenses every after use. Hope for your feedback.

Thanks and cheers from the Philippines!

readyme says:

If I already have a pair of regular Holbrooks, can I get just Rx lenses from you?

Felic jou says:

Thank you guys for your great review! I have to make a decision between the Holbrook “Ruby Iridium Polarized” and the “Prizm Ruby Polarized” lenses. Could you give me some advices which one to choose, maybe pros and cons? You would really help me out alot as i am stuck..

excuse my english!
cheers from germany 🙂

Steve Boehlke says:

7 5/8 head here. Already rocking a pair of Holbrook XL and love them. Regular Holbrook fit too but xl was way more comfy. Will the Holbrook metal fit my head size or should I wait for a Holbrook metal xl if it was ever to come

Matt Clark says:

I wish they would round out the arms of the metal version a bit, just to come back to the classic styling in a way. Doesn’t have to loop around as far as the traditional Holbrook does, but I think a slight bend towards the end would go a long way with it’s overall profile

John Le says:

The gold mirror lens are so nice, I have them for my crankshafts

MrEphi123 says:

Which exact model is the blue one?

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