Wire & Aviator Oakley Sunglasses Review | Frame Color Series Ep. 6

Let’s take a look at aviator/metal (wire) sunglasses Oakley offers to check out how they’re different and to help decide which frame would work best for you. The frame colors are featured as indicated in the timestamps below:

1) Polished Black (0:22 – 0:44)
2) Matte Black (0:45 – 1:01)
3) Satin Black (1:02 – 1:21)
4) Polished Gold (1:22 – 1:30)
5) Lead (1:31 – 2:00)
6) Gunmetal (2:01 – 2:38)
7) Titanium (2:39 – 3:28)
8) Pewter (3:29 – 3:42)
9) Brown Camo (3:43 – 3:53)
10) Carbon (3:54 – 4:15)
11) Light (4:16 – 4:25)
12) Polished Chrome (4:26 – 4:49)
13) Brown Chrome (4:50 – 5:03)

The following models of Oakley sunglasses are featured in this video (listed in order of first appearance): Deviation, Crosshair, Tailpin, Ballistic Crosshair, Tailhook, Crosshair Ti, Tincan Carbon

Episode 1 (Black Oakley Frames Overview): https://youtu.be/1Hq9eO87ONs

Episode 2 (Colored Oakley Frames Overview): https://youtu.be/x2Xo58GoqUc

Episode 3 (Brown Oakley Frames Overview): https://youtu.be/lF8Z78rGikQ

Episode 4 (White Oakley Frames Overview): https://youtu.be/__Twi0MUzOM

Episode 5 (Oakley Frames With Patterns Overview): https://youtu.be/B2MgL1rtPuI

Subscribe so you don’t miss the latest Frame Color Series video and like the video if you found it helpful! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, Oakley constantly designs new frames and colorways so this may not be a complete list but I hope this video was able to give you a nice overview on the different color frame options Oakley offers. Stay disruptive guys!

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emilsal says:

Another winner! Nice collection of deviations and crosshair. I’m a fan of both. Keep it up!

Martijn Beckers says:

Nice video’s mate! Good commentary about colors, frames and different kind of models.! (Y) When I take a look at the Oakley website, is see some of the models are an ‘asian’ type of model..

Is the Bridge the only difference between the standard and the asian models? Or maybe some more differences?

Joe N says:

Good job. Could you please do a review of the Oil Rig? I’ve been tossing around getting a pair and wondered what your thoughts are. Thanks!

Kip Vaughan says:

I lost some e-wires recently and have been looking for some replacements but I noticed that none of the new wire models I tried seemed all that light to me. The e-wires I had before were titanium but none of the stores I went to seemed to carry titanium (the actual metal not the color.) I would love to have something like the old glasses but haven’t come across anything like them yet. Have you tried one of the titanium metal models? Are they a lot lighter then the other wires?

Dann Thombs says:

Nice overview. Titanium is really confusing. They did the same with with X-Metal, where it could be a category, frame color, and material. On the A Wire 2.0’s they would be inconsistent about labeling the Titanium material (vs C5) options. Some would be called Titanium, while others would be Ti Burnt Copper (and not look Copper at all, while there was a true Copper color elsewhere), but sometimes the Ti part was missing. The Magnesium frames got even weirder.

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