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Ever wonder why sunglasses are as expensive as they are? You will be surprised to find the majority of the price comes from a near monopoly the company has on the sunglasses industry. From my analysis of the public financial statements, the majority of what you are paying for is spent on licensing fees and a majority on the inefficiencies of running the company. .

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Pete Puebla says:

I think a good way to get designer glasses is from the pawn shop. That’s where I shop for mine and usually the price is reduced dramatically. No one really knows they’re second hand and you become fashionable. Also places like eBay and online might be a good place to look.

mymidgetbae says:

I just wanna buy ONE expensive sunglasses. After that, I’m down to cheaper ones

BMW Enthusiast says:

If you have good enough vision, then you will see a visual difference in the optical quality of the lenses vs cheap sunglasses. Cheap sunglasses give me headaches, expensive ones do not. I do agree about the monopoly Luxottica, and that’s why I don’t buy Oakley or ray ban. I buy Costa del Mars. Is there any way to test the optical quality of the lenses using some sort of a distortion sensor or something?

curiousgeorge555 says:

You can buy used pairs of RX or sunglasses on eBay. There are companies that will insert new lenses into used frames. Great way to save money!

R R says:

Wow !!

vaibhav bhat says:

What I did for prescription sunglasses:

1. Went to the store, tried a pair of Ray Bans, liked it and made a mental note of the model number.
2. Bought the same pair with prescription for $172 online (Framesdirect.com)
3. Got 10% back through a cash back website.
4. Reimbursed myself through HSA since prescription sunglass is a valid medical expense. 🙂

Carol Jenny says:

I pay for good glasses. This includes regular prescription corrective lenses, as I like really lightweight titanium alloy (found by the space program) and my Maui Jims ALSO have this same material. It is light weight AND has metal MEMORY and they are hard to destroy as the memory will snap back, unless you do something like stand on them or sit on them.

This Guy says:

they make my peepee bigger

Marcus Twynham says:


Gerald N says:

I got an Armani sun glasses, but there were so expensive that I kept it on my bed stand before giving it to my spouse.

I’m okay with $30 Bollés when I was younger, now I get cheapest ones.

Roland Der Unverbesserliche says:

I had these Kanon polarized sun shades, the most robust ones…
I do not know, if they caused the accident, or if they saved my life, or both?
I do not know.
But I miss them very much.
I got them for 50Euros when they made a show at our company.
Later I found out they were wort about 300Euros…

google plus sucks says:

never bought luxotica never willl

Downhill and Deadlifts says:

Luxottica also owns Sunglass Hut. Yeah, they’re a good company to avoid. Amazon knockoffs and a few smaller companies meet my needs perfectly well.

1234 says:

I dont really wear glasses, but I probably should to protect my eyes. I definitely wont be spending $200 on them though XD

Homebody Heaven says:

Sunglasses are supposed to be about PROTECTION FROM THE SUN. More expensive lenses can give you much better protection, especially blue blocking lenses. Cheap Chinese knock-offs may look the same, but you get what you pay for.

obsolete professor says:

I think the high price can be thought of as vanity mark up. General Motors did a study on the price of Corvettes and found they would sell less units if they lowered the price. Multi brand/one factory can be seen in Kenmore, Crosley, Roper. Certain models were identical across all the brands and they were all made by Whirlpool.

Laura Croft says:


Pete Puebla says:

Yep, you’re really paying for the brand when you buy some of these glasses. They get costly to wear fashionable.

Rob Gravelle says:

I paid $280 for my Oakleys. My buddy paid $1.25 at a dollar store. Which are better? Mine. Who got better value. My buddy!

Eddie Imperial says:

Great talk Sir….. It’s like P.T. Barnum once said. “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

Cassandra Gray says:

You can get almost anything like this on AliExpress for almost wholesale prices. It has to ship from China, but it’s worth it – especially for jewelry. $40 dollar necklaces for $2? $150 sunglasses for $12 dollars? $150 gaming mouse for $50? Yep, yep, and yep. China makes everything in the world pretty much. Why not shop at the source?

Carol Jenny says:

I swear by my Maui Jims. I used to like some skiing type glasses that I used to buy at one of the mid range sports stores, but they went out of business. I think that they were called Sun Clouds. One of my junior high study skills (failing kids) class students stole them.

Isul Kim says:

your videos are great! i want to achieve fi early too so your videos are very motivating

E I N S says:

200 USD is nothing mate. I have a pair of GUCCI one ARMANI and one VICTORIA BECKHAM, together they cost more than 1000 USD.
And i almost never wear them lol

Dee Lee says:

How about the quality of the lens? many dont offer real glass and only poly carb or other lower abbe value materials

Esha Diva says:

The most expensive pair I own is $100 and i felt awful buying that lol I thought everyone knew this the designer industry in general is a scam. It its not hand made or haute couture its most likely not worth the price.

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