Authentic Ray Ban Original Wayfarer Unboxing (RB2140) HD

This is an unboxing video of the Ray Ban Original Wayfarer 2140. The pair of sunglasses in this video is 100% authentic and was ordered directly from This video is not mean to be exciting or anything. It is simply meant to serve as a comparison tool for anyone who wants to verify whether or not their pair of Ray Ban’s is authentic.


Travis Warren says:

Lol if they’re fake they still protect your eye balls from the sun… So who cares? I wouldn’t spend $150 for any glasses other than Oakley

fatcrewz says:

dude its only $30 glasses. dont matter its original or not as long it fits and feel comfortable

Jordan 108w says:

Good video man! I just bought a pair today. and this helps me know that mine are original and not fake. thanks I love them!

Cat's World! says:

I am trying to buy my daughter some Ray•Ban glasses from the site it says $100 and she wants 4 pairs might make my wallet sad but she is near sited and she has been wanting them forever should I buy her some?

Fahim Siddiqi says:

Is it 50 mm or 54? 
thank you

Daniel Dumitriu says:

How much is weight ?

덥다 says:

German ebay only sells original Ray Ban… otherwise it would be against the law in germany 😉

I bought it for 90$, original.

PS: 100%UV protection does not exist… just saying.

Mani Singh says:

These are fake. Trust me

Bass Junkie says:

see problem with these sunglasses they aren’t designed for people with smaller noses so it annoys me that glasses has to lay on my cheeks to stay up


Expensive? Chopard De Rigo Vision. Now thats expensive. $_$

Tashi Dhundup says:

I do have have that too..

Sr.Splittington says:


Bogus Fiasco says:

Why the fuck do people pay $150 for $3 worth of plastic?
Any expensive European or American sunnies are available from China at one tenth or 20th of the price. The build quality is just as good and no, you won’t go blind.
Choose carefully! Not all are good quality, but the good ones are just as good as Ray Bans or any other bullshit trendy ripoff brands.

Armando Salgado says:

Thanks for the review man!

Gerónimo Sosa says:

I have a model called Ray Ban Lei Peng, i want to know if is this fake

Alex Roque says:


Bob Davidson says:

Got mine on eBay for $115 instead of $190 at the store. Just get them on eBay for much cheaper and look at reviews to make sure it’s real

A$AP BiSHOP says:

I bought some Ray bans frames as prescription glasses with transitions lenses, so they look like sunglasses in the sun. I’m thinking about buying some prescription sunglasses just for when I’m driving , cause transitions don’t work in the car , but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them if I’ll only use them when I drive

Leandro Peeledobleve says:

Thanks dude! I JUST bought this exact sunglasses and with your video i’m 100% sure that they are authentic… hands up for you man!

Wen Tao says:

Need Rayban contact me (high quality aviator clubmaster wayfarer ) they bought from China resell on ebay

Darrin Scott says:

Nice frames.
You know there is one 100% way to tell real wayfarer raybans that nobody ever talks about and is so easy to tell, and that is the side view.
Looking at real Rayban 2140 from the side.. ALL real raybans have a slanted angle from the temple to the front frame .
fakes do not have that!
Fakes are just a temple that is level straight connected to the front frame that sits straight up.
A signature Rayban 2140 has a slanted upward angle where the frame sits inward at an angle.
That’s a sure shot way to tell.
Nobody ever mentions that!
The fake sunglass makers cant create that feature.

Emilia Dragne says:

ochelari ray ban super faini

oboyy says:

Those numbers have nothing to do with color jackass they are the width of the glasses and nose bridge lol

Zach Glauser says:

Those are fake

محمد اكرم says:

3000 arac

hsuq 7052 says:

You know that most glasses frames are made from the company that owns ray ban. Thus thats why glass frames are expensive since only 1 company makes almost all the frames. Glasses with cost around $30 are then sold for 200+

tyler carless says:

My mother buy mine £100 for for Christmas. Women put number donw

Jimmy Gourdet says:

i getting one for Christmas

GhettoTilliDae says:

So what color are those lenses you got?

Kyle Gierman says:

Mine came with a brown case (purchased from the website) but they’re the 50mm idk if that has anything to do with it.

Puli Besy says:

Are those the g-15 green classic lens, non polarized?????? Please answer back i think I might buy some

Annaliese Parker says:

mine are original but on the right side of the inside part of the glasses it says made in China?? does that mean they’re fake?

Hector Vlogs says:

They are fake

linda mclaughlin says:

uuseful video thanks… can you confirm if the glasses featured have black lenses or green.? I am trying to locate the rayban sauare wayfarer with gloss black frame and the balck lenses. i can only seem to find the green or brown onew

Dallas Walker says:

Those are fake, there is no serial number on box flap when opening and you can open both sides of box

Ade says:

On the Ray Ban site you can check if the site you’re buying the Wayfarers from is a certified reseller or not. When buying online make sure to choose a well known eyewear retailer that has both online and physical shops. Or you can send them an email and ask them if the website is certified or not.

The Stickdog says:

I know mine are real because I bought them off the website

Ananta Pratama says:


nice bracelet.

Thiago Ferreira says:

Sou BR por isso tenho dois ray bans piratas. Rss

GlobalUnique says:


One Piece for All says:

30 dollars to make… sell it for 200 dollars… what a rip off… it just a sun glass nothing more…

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