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What’s the best of Ray-Ban in 2018? From classic updates to modern classics, discover the latest styles with Sunglass Rob and Ray-Ban expert, Lisa, for the frames that’ll make you shout Ray-Ban.

Blaze Collection
Shop RB 4440-N (00:47):
Shop RB 4380 -N (1:38):
Shop RB 3579-N (2:02):

Shop RB 3561 – The General (2:29):
Shop RB 3560 – The Colonel 58 Eyesize (2:58):
Shop RB 3560 – The Colonel 61 Eyesize:
Shop RB 3648 –The Marshal 51 Eyesize (3:40):
Shop RB 3648 –The Marshal 54 Eyesize:

RB 3596 (4:20)

Shop RB 3578 (4:53):
Shop RB 3647-N (5:53):
Shop RB 4285 (6:39):
Shop RB 4312-CH (7:28)
Shop RB 3029 – Outdoorsman II (8:17)
Shop RB 4298 (9:14)
Shop RB 3570 (9:48):
Shop RB 4253 (10:43):
Shop RB 3716 – Metal Clubmaster (11:17):
Shop RB 4340 – Wayfarer Ease (12:05):

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johnnybravo6 says:

what eyeglasses are you wearing in beginning

Johnny Monji says:

Hi, Awesome video. is there a review for the RB2132 wayfarer

Jewels Winfield says:

So basically all aviators or wayfarers.

David Caldwell says:

I swear, if he says, ‘fun’ or, ‘funner’ just once more…

Jody Burns says:

She’s hot!


hello does the RB4330 comes in asian fit? or any of these sunglasses?? thank u

Oscar the Ragdoll says:

Every single Ray-ban looks good on her. Good thing she works there.

Harley Quinn says:

Whats the difference a RayBan blaze and mirrored lenses? Videos on youtube says they are the same, however If you go to RayBan website and try to do a custom sunglasses, you can pick from both RayBan flash as well as mirrored lens in the same colour, and they describe Flash as the latest offering from their mirrored collection….I am confused now!

OC0227 says:

I’m guessing those are fun?

doc allan says:

did i saw made in china?

tajammal m says:

Please send me one #colonel from pakistan

Triangle Interiors says:

Which is better general or colonel..?

robbielex says:

Gotta respect those Italian gangsters, they really brought Ray-Ban back to the top!

Gabriele Lomoro says:

What’s the size of the Marshal you tried in the video??? 51 or 54?? Thanks. Beautiful sunglasse btw

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