How to Spot Fake Rayban Aviator Sunglasses (highest grade fake RB 3025)

Check the video and pics at the end to spot difference between highest grade fake Rayban aviators and originals. These fakes are the highest quality I’ve ever seen. These fakes also have ‘RB’ etched on the left lens! Watch out to see the difference yourself. This is my first video hope you like it, please send video making tips:)


Jordan Ponder says:

luxotica doesn’t own Oakley though because they wanted to much $

salman qasim says:

Luxotica r made the High Copy Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

A. R. says:

wow this vid just pointed out all the fake ones i was about to buy Thanks for looking out for all of us my lady was a bit sad but happy that she will get the real ones $$

TheLunakl says:

This is trash video, these are just two different models mate.

Bill Stock says:

Why would you but stuff from this company when you can get clones that are just as good, probably made by the same outsource companies, from Chinese buying portals? Check the monopoly Luxottica has created in the eye wear market. “Obscene profits.”

JimmyDPX says:

Looks like both of them are fake

Egor Moisenko says:

so i made it too . just by using woodprix scripts:)

Ivan Cota says:

you have an RB engraved on the right lens very close to the edge of the lens

Razvan Popescu says:

The thing is that by buying the fake ones, you don’t pay the original makers,therefore people and the company that built these glasses back in 1937 are not recognised for what they ve done.I think that the “ignorance” of buying something expensive could be approached in multiple ways..

Sehzad Khan says:

i recently got a suppively diamond rayban but the bl logo seems off.the BL,The L i saw usually is at the center of the B but mine is more to the left side of the B and not at the center is it a fake?the glass seems legit it dosent feel like plastic. Comments pls

TraumaStorm /XpL21 says:

I got mine from a eye doctor for 300$$

Mahesh Sarkar says:

fake accent

juan carlos says:

where did you buy the fake ones? mi email

oblaos1 says:

Dude it is hard to understand what you are saying, you needed to slow down dude!

romek guzmanski says:

both are not originals becous they are not made in usa

Martin Fritz says:


JimmyDPX says:

Very very clear very very shiny very very soft very very smooth *facepalm*

Csigusz HD says:

Where should I buy this sunglass if I don’t want fake?

Mr. McLovin says:

where did you buy the fake one?

Nikita Basawatia says:

from where to buy a first copy rayban

Zee Siddiqi says:

Hi Behram, Do you know that who is selling ORIGINAL Ray Ban online, please let me know Thank You.

Emery Erze says:

Dude you got screwed either way! LUXOTICA makes the real ones and the fakes!!! So the ”cons” on you! Literally…

Aaron Bradley says:

Thanks for the great video, people buy ray bans because you can wear them all day and your eyes don’t hurt. Clearly higher quality optics cost more money than cheap sunglasses. And the thing I have come to notice from buying thousands of dollars of sunglasses is that ray ban aviators are 500-700$$ glasses they sale for 150-200$. The quality cannot be beat for less. They have such crisp lenses that you can see, so many sunglasses, especially plastic lens distort one eye differently than the other, and after a couple of hours makes your eyes tired from compensating for the distortion. They also, because of how crisp they are the dark g15 lens can block out midday sun at the beach and provide excellent contrast and depth but also provide good viewing during lower light later in the day, and cheap sunglasses cannot do that. Overall, you cannot come close to the quality for the money, and their is not one brand of glasses you can buy for less than real ray ban glass lens glasses for cheaper

Master says:

so what if all glasses are owned by luxottica? what’s wrong with that?

Anton Shkabara says:

I’m sure the best wood makers instructions is on woodprix website.

TraumaStorm /XpL21 says:

i got mine for 300

Ray Ramos says:

That was a long as video..I didn’t even get past the pauch.. I was like fuck it I’ll buy whichever lol… Hopefully he doesn’t make a fake Rolex video.

Izolda G says:

I wouldn’t pay for non of these glasses more than 7 euro (because that’s what they are worth when they are mass produced).

Afroza Khanam says:

I bought one pair (aviator but not polarise ) from Myer store in Sydney last week and to compare the video I got real one with the case what you said is fake. They said this type of case not fake in any way which is suitable for my ones.

Rak Sahay says:

this video did not need to be 17 minutes long. what a waste of time. you do not need to mention every little thing the the main ones.

Andrew Pong says:

All Ray Ban is “made in China”. Even the ones that say “made in Italy”. they manufacture the parts in their factories in China and then ship them to Italy where they are assembled. Therefore they can pass them as being “made in Italy.” Don’t believe me? Look this up on the internet. regardless of where they are actually made, as long as you find the markings of authentic glasses then they are real.

Maarttiin says:

Guys, the fake one DON’T have UV protection, and that is very bad for you.

Go for a cheap pair of glasses, but make sure it has UV protection.

captainnemo says:

i think you need to get a real mic and not a fake one

Rethinker167 says:

All raybans are fake unless you look on the left lens near the arm there is an engraved “R” in the lens. if its not there its a fake

sathish kumar says:

when you’re fakest of Fake..nothing wrong in wearing one.

Cristina Ramirez says:

Thank you for your video. I mean if your going to buy a brand buy it real not fake, it’s horrible how people try to pretend they have a brand and its so fake

DreamWarrior says:

mine are real! thanks!

fAgitron bignig says:

lol why do people care about this shit. its like stupid niggers caring about whos shoes are the shinyest. best iq test out there

Tomeka Pompey says:

This time I’ll use WoodPrix instructions to make it by myself.

Shoop da Whoop says:

Rayban is a joke. all those faggot brands are owned and designed by Luxottica. there are no diffrent brands they are all made by armchair CAD bitches in the office of Luxottica

grow_up_ boron says:

today I bought a fake rayban (I was aware of it).. it cost me only $ 2.5 (INR 160) while the so called ‘original’ would cost around 1500-2000 INR

Lahna Touch says:

I found a pair of ray bans when I was swimming in the beach lol

salman qasim says:

The Print Made In Italy that would B Fake This Print Above The Bridge

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