New Wayfarer vs Original Wayfarer

New Wayfarer vs Classic Original On Face Review
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Dong Ray says:

thanks hope there were subtitles…

Mitchell Kristoff says:

I understand he’s trying to show off the look of the glasses but the constant head turning makes it really awkward to watch in my opinion

Alfonso D says:

Hey man what’s the difference between blue/green gradient glass vs G 15 polarized glass??

Todd says:

What size are the new wayfarers you have in this video?

Biggi Jameson says:

The original are very uncomfortable to wear, heavy and bulky and they sit on my cheeks leaving red marks. Aren’t they suppose to sit on the nose? The new ones are lighter and have a more sporty look, very comfortable to wear, plus they also come in a very small size, perfect for me.

Mcsteveberry says:

the new wayfarer made me jizz in my pants

gonzalo4to says:

Hello! Could you please do a review of the RB4340 vs RB2140? Thanks!!

Henry A. Thurman Jr. says:

Sir, i have a pair of Original Wayfarer glasses & i don’t like the tilt into my cheek Is there anyway to get straight temple arms that make them like the New Wwayfarers? Or could my temple arms be modified by the hot sand dip to pull them up more? Let me know if you could? Thank you.

vee tour says:

The original Wayfarer rests really awkwardly on your ears. The new ones are just perfect!

Stephen Turner says:

Love these glasses me

Steven Paul says:

Both glass lenses?

Dong Ray says:

does anyone know the movie “call me by your name” Elio’s sunglasses’ brand? looks like Rayban Original Wayfarer, but it does’s have Rayban’s logo on it or on the side of it

nationwidebw says:

the whole appeal of the original wayfarers was that it DID NOT fit your face well, they were clunky and oversized, which is why precisely what gave them style and why everyone wanted them.

Ydonkov says:

Over exposed RB logo on glasses ruins it for me. Not cool at all.

Jason Carey says:

Very helpful videos! Thanks!

Ren Jay says:

The problem with this video is it mentions nothing about the sun. If vanity is the issue then you best go check yourself out in the mirror. I have the new wayfarers. They’re ok but not great. By that I mean they function pretty well as sun blockers however I have cheaper glasses that do a better job.

jaws says:

thank you!

Stefano Gandolfo says:

Better gloss or matte?

yehohanan66 says:

My new wayfarer wins. I used to have a classic wayfarer II back in the 2000’s but this new shades looks better than the WF II

Ydonkov says:

Over exposed RB logo on glasses ruins it for me. Not cool at all.

roguexxrenegade says:

Originals are better. They’re iconic. Breakfast Club, Risky Business, etc. Not everything has to be modernized. I’m not a big fan of the streamlined look.

Basically, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

8 UNOUNO says:

This is such a good review. Thank you.

Armiger says:

i kinda like more the classics

Lucas N says:

the new wayfarer looks great. just got RB2132 for me =)

Linus Greaser says:

Classic Wayfarer !

kingedkarl says:

went to get some today and the lady said they cannot put the white logo on the glasses if I get prescriptions is that fake ?

savinna V says:

classic looks like its just belong for girls

Tony C says:

Dude your head is the size of cue ball

Firelord Azula says:

Take a shot every time he says Ray Ban Wayfarers.

Proton1 says:

I had the original Wayfarers and I must say, they look positively dated compared to the sleeker New Ways. Glad I’m upgrading.

Caayotee says:

The original Wayfarer RB2140 has way more character, owing to it’s history. The New Wayfarer just look like meh, another Wayfarer wannabe!

theGREEK7887 says:

what lenses are these?

W. N. says:

what colour are the lenses?

Moorbs says:

A lot of Ray Bans are made in china now, they are not necessarily fake if they’re not made in Italy.

brendan hen says:

Love a new pair of ray bans!!! Went through a ton of vids just to find this comment, for the giveaway!

Panos Fisher says:

Shade Review The lens of new wayfarer is green? Because in video it seems to be black and in the link of amazon you have in description, it says it has a green lens

John Bolden says:

What color is the lens?

Adam Jones says:

The new wayfarers squeak like a rusty wheel.

JakesGuitarVids says:

Unless you get an old pair of classics… those are made in USA

FFM4ME says:

Paste Indian Amazon links as well. we buy amazon too you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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