Original Wayfarer vs Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 Vs Original Wayfarer RB2140
►►Buy Ray-Ban New Wayfarer here:
(US) http://amzn.to/1r9OtiQ
(UK) http://amzn.to/2t6q68q
(Canada) http://amzn.to/2k8qQJK
►Buy Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer here:
(US) http://amzn.to/1ZUib7E
(UK) http://amzn.to/2stfvq2
(Canada) http://amzn.to/2k4Pdrw

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Asdaf Asfasf says:

แว่น rayban แว่นกันแดดแท้พร้อมส่ง สินค้าลดราคากว่า 50% รับประกันไม่แท้ยืนดีคืนเงิน จัดส่งฟรีทั่วประเทศ

Shinichi Miyabayashi says:

Wich size were these models?

Sam Romero says:

What size is your face cheekbone to cheekbone? Just trying to figure out which size to buy. 50mm OW suits you so it’ll be good to know what size your face and head are lol

Saint Shasta says:

Take a shot every time he says Ray-Ban Wayfarer

TheDucatimaniac says:

Shade review…..are these the same lens colors on your demo???
One looks mirrored(new wayfarer)

Tokyo Sydney says:

Wayfarer wayfarer new wayfarer original wayfarer wayfarer old wayfarer dude we got it don’t need to repeat wayfarer 200 times throughout the video.

Ryan Dogsling says:

Your face is so annoying, but your reviews are good.

Oscar Pons says:

You could do a video with the classic wayfarer RB2140 and the new RB4340, which is the same design of the original 2140, but without the tilt. The new ones (4340) seem as if they fit tighter/more snug, even on the same size.

Jony Agustus says:

Old the best

Chhabi Gurung says:

How to get?

ICEMAN says:

You can find both of these at a lower price in the link below.

Larry Smith says:

This clown needs to be bitch-slapped, shave his face, spend eight hours a day lifting weights for a month. He’d still be gay, but not nearly as annoying.

Dor Shitrit says:

New wafarer is better

Vince Egeland says:

I would say the new ray bans look more put together, mature, not sure what the word I’m looking for. The classics are great in all situations, but like myself I’m getting worn out of the classics look

Pwnstr95 says:

original 100% imo

Fernando Echevarria says:

I like how he turns his face while he test both sunglasses

t wright says:

Thanks. That was actually helpful.

100mph says:

what color lens are they on the new wayfarers?

Mr.Bobert says:

Do thy do the new style as a foldable design also?

Pye RigOil says:

I have the very same new wayfarer same tinge

Deplorable EJ says:

2:52 is that you Edubz

Felix MÖSER says:

Ich finde die Brille steht ihnen nicht

Emre Y says:

why the fuck would you make the exact same video?

In The Beginning Was The Word says:

Michael Jackson made these popular in the early 90’s.

Mr Maravilla says:

prefer the original wayfarer, did not like the feel of the new wayfarer.

Luciano Di Gennaro says:

I ordered the Polarized version……do you think it’s worth the price difference?

Anuradha Nirmal Dissanayake says:

Is it Original Wayfarer 50mm or 54mm what you are wearing in the demo

mikel magdadaro says:

different lens sizes, of course one would definitely look better than the other. if they were the same lens size then you really can tell which looks better

Brennen May says:

I would love to see a review of ray ban clubmasters with flash lenses. particularly the silver lens. I can’t seem to find many pictures of people wearing the flash lenses online in the clubmaster frames.

Sergio Irving says:

Subscribed! You post amazing content and do you have a comparison video of the ray ban original wayfarer polarized vs non polarized?

Rogelio Valenzuela says:

Been waiting for this comparison. I prefer the new wayfarer, for me.

i have a suggestion for a future video, i´ve been trying to decide between the new wayfarer and the persol 2953s, that would make an interesting video, to see your opinion on that subject.

i agree with you on the original fitting better but the new wayfarer dont look bad either.

on another note, did you have any update on the marsquests ?

cheers man, keep it up!!

Jarett Nakamura says:


Sixa says:

Are the links in the description for the amazon links 100% authentic yes?

tomhae ako says:

Please review Rayban clubmaster oversized. Thanks

Jeffrey Koenig says:

5:00 minute video that could’ve been 90 seconds just by dropping the word “wayfarer”.

Uw4ntSum3 says:

Try to develop a bigger vocabulary and use a bigger varitey of words and these videos will be top notch!

Dylan Babushkin says:

The original wayfarers have a taller shape imo so they fit my face better. Great video

Michael Hurst says:

If you say wayfarer one more time…..

Anderson C says:

Like the Wayfarers but for some odd reason they are only made for guys with small-to medium sized heads. I need shades with a 140mm arm minimum so I have to buy “large” Aviators.

Michael Zschoche says:

New wayfarer looks better

BetonBenni says:

I’m searching for really lightweight sunglasses with a similar look as the ones in the video. What can you recommend? Oakley frogskins maybe?

Nice reviews btw 🙂

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