Ray-Ban Aviator vs Maui Jim Mavericks

Ray-Ban Aviator vs Maui Jim Mavericks on face comparison
►Buy Maui Jim Mavericks here:
(USA) http://amzn.to/2e74eVg
(UK) http://amzn.to/2rJIBNO
►Buy Ray-Ban Aviator here:
(USA) http://amzn.to/2emojph
(UK) http://amzn.to/2sGQN6s

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G Whiz says:

Nothing informative or helpful here. Very generic review. The MJ lenses are better but doesn’t state WHY, so I’ll tell you: lightweight, super thin construction. Color & clarity is crystal & way more detailed than any other lens. More importantly, you don’t squint while wearing these as they do a superb job of blocking the most harmful of rays, both from the top & bottom of the lens. RB lens are much less inferior and don’t measure up to MJs at all.

First & last time watching this guy. His manner of speech is both annoying and intentional, quite robotic.

Julovfa Juwita Fauzi says:

kurang. menarik di tonton

John James says:

New Wayfarer 55 vs Original Wayfarer 50 – plzzzzz

Lee Oliver says:

I have some Mavericks in black. Love them! Also, you’re adorable lol just saying 🙂

Miguel Castro says:

You talk like a douchebag



Yohanes Pradono says:

i know maui jim has better lens. but that rayban fits better on his face.

turboplazz says:

All one has to do is try on both pairs and you will see the difference through your own eyes. I have recommended maui jims to many and everyone has come back and thanked me for the recommendation.

Jared Coffin says:

I can’t listen your speaking style. The sing song intonation is super irritating. You gotta stop talking like that man. Just talk regular.

Elvin Δημόκριτος says:

Serengeti or Maui Jim is the best sunglasses in the world. Ray ban have low qualiti of lens and materials

Natalie Thomnson says:

Maui for the win

Dustin Ronald says:

how is the quality of the lens dude. how good does it look to look through them !!!

Allen Sandusky says:

Maui look better.

neoarcadezr says:

i love the maui ones 😉

DJ Jonny says:

Maui’s have way better optical clarity than the ray bans. I just bought my second pair of Maui’s.

CatHarlem says:

Nice Review… Thanks for feedback.

Jesus Torres says:

Thank you very much for your analysis. I like that you speak very clear because for the people like me that we aren ‘t native english speakers it’s easy understand what you mean, best regards. Ah, the Maui Jim brand is really expensive,

Sam Ace Rothstein says:

i always believed ray bans were overrated, now i know for sure. good review.

Brendan Chwascinski says:

Mai Jim for life

Reach Gaming says:

Maui for ever

Arturo Delgado says:

Im trying to find a pair of pilot sunglasses 63 mm, any advices?

Aaron Le says:

I dig the aviators on you

Morgy P says:

Good review Stephen hawkings

Crippled Petey says:

Maui Jims look better but…Why…. do you….talk….like that?

VaPatrick says:

You need to adjust your nose piece on the Maui. They do sit too high on your face. They would look almost the same as the Ray-Bans if you adjusted the nose pads.

mlb0226 says:

Thee. Raaayyy bannn aveeayters

jsutty says:

ray ban aviators

Jeff Collison says:

I seem to have rather long eye lashes. They sometimes brush against the lens which is annoying. Thanks to this video, its explains why this happens. The frame is more curved, bringing it closer to your face. Suggest you try on both pair before you purchase.

Rajat Ranebennur says:

what is the color code of Ray Ban?

Jonathan lee says:

luxottica is ripoff

Shiju K Raj says:

Can you adjust the nose pads.? If you adjust the nose pads both would look the same…

haledragon1 says:

cool vid, mavericks better always!

chromexcel crafter says:

i love Maui Jims! its just too bad that the Mavericks are $300 a pair!

music is my soul says:

I just bought the maui castles on satin color, they is nothing on this planet that can compare to those sunglasses, is just unbelievable

PoloTheGr8 says:

Ooole Rrighty thennn…

Justin McGinty says:

why. do. you. talk. like. this. do. you. always. speak. in. morse. code?

Steve Phillips says:

Maui Jim definitely suit you best.

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