Ray-Ban Aviator vs Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Aviator vs Wayfarer on Face Comparison
►Buy Aviator RB3025 here:
(USA) http://amzn.to/2axSqbF
(UK) http://amzn.to/2sxcYMC
►Buy Ray-Ban RB2140 here: Wayfarer here:
(USA) http://amzn.to/2ahpaah
(UK) http://amzn.to/2sx9kCe
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HRB says:

Can you compare the aviator to the clubmasters?

Ramiq Nauman says:

my favourite are ray Ban wayfarer new and classic

Matthew Shields says:

Why do you talk so weird towards the end of your sentences you slow down and take long pauses between syllables it’s annoying

mcbrite says:

My personal opinion that served me very well (owning both of these):
– Aviator with polarized lenses in the Car (the big lenses are perfect for unobstructed view, Polarized lenses make for incredibly good vision with no reflections! Hard to explain, really…)
– Wayfarer (folding) for on the go / social settings / in my tiny bag riding the motorcycle…
– (Bonus: Pair of Justins also for social settings, but take too much room in small pockets (no problem with girl’s handbags, but I’m not a girl… 😀 )

tldr: Aviators for function, Wayfarers for coolness… 😀

Kyle Da Silva says:

I prefer the wayfarer style, but I’m not a big fan of the original wayfarers

zonas_ says:

The Wayfarer’s acetate of this video are 54mm against the 50mm of the matte ones? Thanks Shade!

Ramiq Nauman says:


Taki Clinton Harness says:

I owned many Wayfarer, I love them all but the shine black still the best, I hate mirrored glasses, I love the classic Aviator look

CreamCake[GD] says:

The aviators are for being bad ass ready to drop bombs. Wayfarers are for going out, sports etc

Blake Nichols says:

Hate to say not everything on amazon you buy is a legit! Your better off if u want legit ray bans to buy it off their official website! But if you just want the look and try to be cool and take a chance of getting a fake pair go ahead

Ramiq Nauman says:

I have both

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