Ray-Ban Clubmaster Review

Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016 W0365 51-21 On face Review
► Buy Ray-Ban Clubmasters here: http://amzn.to/1WMMMpo

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Ashley Hart says:

Dude I love your new channel! Found you from your Amazon giveaway video but I actually love all your videos so much!!

Kayla says:

Nice video! Keep up with the awesome videos!!

Evans Belony says:

Very detailed review!

NexusTech says:

I want. I do. But money

art gammarino says:

I have not had raybans in 20 years

Oliver Hilliard says:

Very good review I want to buy some now.

Elizabeth Crawford says:

gorgeous glasses!

Sian Harrington says:

It cute

aaron laxton says:

I love this brand. Lets look great !!!

carlossalas124501 says:

can I buy these and switch them with prescription lenses

Ben C says:

nice review, but the video to dark bro

Tom Brah says:

Hey man, is there a substantial difference in the 51 compared to the 49?

SimplyE says:

Great vid!

Jonson Agravante says:

Can you please do a comparison of the two sizes? I want to check it out in store but i am buying it online.

سامي همدرد says:

RB 3016 is made in China ?

EyeSack says:

Cool channel. Subbed!

Jalil Chaouite says:

Nice shades ! I’ve hesitated a lot between the Round Clubmaster and the Round Metal but the Round Metal just fit me better overall. And they look absolutely incredible with blue mirrored lenses ^^

Basic Cubing says:

clubmaster.. cheeky name!!

Kousai Hamid says:

I am saving up for those amazing shades
can’t wait

bigbangzGaming says:

instead of clicking on the link il open my app haha

MC Sloth Tech says:

those shades look really nice!

SimplyE says:

So glad that you made a new video!

TheBlacky228 says:

Should I buy these polarized? or is the normal G15 lenses enough? I just want to know if it will make a difference

ChickenFlasher says:

The polarized edition would look pretty slik while I lifeguard this year. Definitely worth checking them out!

White Crown says:

You are fucking ugly and you just cant review sunglasses on such an ugly face!!
jeez…..do you even have a mirror at home i mean you are a fuglyy,acne piece of shit cant you see yourself on the mirror…

mr 7 says:

Rayban is really awesome 😀

Michael Altieri says:

Do the polarized Ray-Ban’s look the same

Joshua Haines says:

Any idea why they call them the “club master”?

AAA OB says:

51 is too big , ?

Katy Faget says:

love your videos and love those glasses

Turned Dimm says:

I really like these, where can you purchase?

danyal s says:

What is better polarised lenses or non polarised

3r8mo says:

When wearing the clubmaster can people see your eyes ?

Josh Lemire says:

Amazon give away

Rodrigo Nader says:

I want these! Subbed to enter the giveaway… cool channels! Both! Hope I win!

Thetrickshot_master says:

Great video! Keep up the awesome videos! You are awesome! Keep doing what you are doing! Nothing can stop you from becoming who you really are! Keep striving to make cool and awesome videos!

Angelique Lewis says:

I love the gold

Casey Justine says:

Have these lenses and love them (51mil version)

HMSTRR says:

Dude, I might just purchase

Megan Ryan says:

Nice sunglasses and wicked review man 🙂

LVPool CuBeR says:

what’s this lens shape called?

simona petrevska says:

Cool shades

Lelaunie Brown says:

can you make a video of putting on the 49 and the 51mm??

gherald dafrosa says:

i want this

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