Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses Review

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The new kid on the block, add a vintage feel to your looks with these Ray-Ban Original Clubmaster Sunglasses. They add automatic originality to your looks and fashion style. They boast a vintage pin hinge and it’s a great frame for making a fashionable statement. Popular for this coming season, these Clubmasters have been favoured by celebs as their beloved frame of the summer. With Ray-Ban branding on the lense and arms, these come presented in a leather pouch. Add that needed originality and vintage feel to your looks, with a simple addition of these sunglasses.


Jubayer Ahmed says:

your rayban looks fake

carlos280897 says:

Hey, i’ve got a question: I’ve checked all the details, but my Ray Bans say Made in Italy, Are they fake or legit? Judging JUST BY THAT. Thanks

Matt Mendez says:

those are fake

Wolfbite3 says:

Lol “i got ray ban vision these are no perscription” wtf!?!

Mr. Potat says:

Bloody hate how people buy things just because celebs have them
But still great review


The song is on Project X

John Sadler says:

All three Wayfarer, Clubmaster, Aviator

Sam Thrasher says:

Mine just broke /; still highly recommend you get these it’s so worth it!

JuggusNawt says:

that song sucks.. imo.

Jonathan Robinson says:

Do you recommend these for someone with a larger face?

Moctar Ahmadou Gouroudja says:

Hey There! It would be very Nice if you could help me having an Intel on my New purchase. I’ve purchased a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster RB 3016 W0365 49¤21 3N at a Shop Called “Les Opticiens Conseils” in PARIS at 181€. But i think there is a problem, on the place Where it normally says :”made in italy/china”, it’s only Wrote “Ray Ban T C € ” . Are those Ray Bans Legit? Please help me

Abhi Pokhrel says:

something tells me he has ray ban vision

GTRandy says:

Clubmaster or aviator?

Hansen Cruz says:

If you want to check out my full review clubmaster check my channel bye

xSupreme says:

they’re still in. i really want a brown pair

Tobster Minty says:

What a shit video

Donnell Nixon says:

these are better than wayfarers

Anthony Becerra says:

Buying mine this week!

Techno Cerberus says:

OMG It’s Sam Pepper!

Rick Nils says:

do they block intense sunlight well?

Joby says:

by 49mm and 51mm, of what measurements are those? the lens?

xoggy03x says:

Mute at first second.

pointtheblame says:

the song is awful and disgraceful to a icon sunglasses. Change it ..

Eric Wang says:

Get some cheap ray bans at http://www.ebay.com/itm/272056807622?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 I got some for my friends and family last year for the holidays and they still are amazing condition. The best thing is that they give 10 percent of the profits to a good cause.

Cecilio arb says:

these glasses are Of 49 ml or 51?

Neli S says:

i want

CaliKandiKid says:

@mrmoodyrudy Yeah, LensCrafters can actually do that. 🙂

super7959 says:

Nigger music.. Terrible.

James Johnson says:

Worn by Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs

kyle cam says:

I just fapped

Lord Mortanius says:

Hi! I have 58 mm Aviator and 50mm Wayfarer sunglasses. What’s my Clubmaster size, 49 or 51 mm? Thx!

Jules says:

This is so ugly. Not my taste.

Myles Lopez says:

Does anyone know if you can put clear prescription lenses in those?

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