Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer Review

Ray-Ban RB 4105 Folding Wayfarer On Face Review
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Luis Velázquez says:

do a giveaway

jaxson jenn says:

You have a very good quailty channel good job

Hemanth Hemz says:

Now I can keep this glass anywhere 😀 Cuz Kids will fold instead of breaking it 😀

Laurens C says:

Did you buy the 50mm or the 54mm version?

gag g says:

please please I want someone tell me about ray-ban.com I want buy sunglasses from there but I’m scared , someone explain

Brandon Ansell says:

Are the shades in the card legit?

Greg Geistlinger says:

Great review you answered all of my questions (I’m thinking of picking up a pair or Oakley Jupiter) 🙂

Alex X says:

how durable are they ?

Kyle Da Silva says:

I would be cool if you someday do a video with Casey Neistat, reviewing his shades. That would be epic

digifiv5e says:

i love the fouding ones.

Daquan Jr. says:


BoiThanes says:

Does this folding wayfarer tilt fwd like original wayfarer or it sits straight like new wayfarer?

Bob Jefferson says:

Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the hinges breaking because I was thinking about getting a pair

DWVLG says:

just got a pair… theyre awesome!

Kyle Da Silva says:

Best pair of vacation shades?

SubliminalGenius says:

Literally got these an hour before you uploaded 😀

Razvan Dragos says:

I love these, see my channel for real Versace and Ray Ban shades!

SargyFoxx says:

ive been looking at Ray Ban bc it’s a cool brand, I have $87 right now but will get the money by Aug 3, they look amazjng and it will be my first designer accessory, plus I really need a good!!

mtb says:

what is a cheap and cool brand of sunglasses?

Olivia Monypeny says:

I want to buy rayban wayfarer glasses I dont know if classic or folding, which do you prefer or you think they are better?

José Francisco Gutiérrez Campillo says:

Un magnifico vídeo. Siempre es bueno comprar en paginas que sean de referencia si me permites a mi también me gusta mucho esta pagina http://www.tusgafasonline.es

Sunny441 says:

Great video! I bought a pair off of eBay, they look legit – but shipped with a full size case and not the small square one. What gives? Fake?

Lukasz lewandowski says:

I gotta say you make some damn good videos, camera quality and editing and all, but idk if there is much of a market for sunglass videos…

Jose Liera says:


Luzien says:

your speech pattern needs work, you sound like a retard

RL R says:

Metal bridge my fucking ass. The bridge is made of plastic. Get your facts right, dumbass.

HI5 lyer says:

Do you still have this or you broke it? Please Please I need a reply

-Derryl- So says:

for your next shade review you should do drake and meek mill

Luffy says:

Hey man can you do a review of some Ray-Ban aviator but silver or black?

lauritsgameplay says:

Good review but i would be great i you talked a little faster.

FinalLugiaGuardian says:

I would still be concerned about durability with the the center’s folding hinges. How have these held up?

Bonnie Hanna says:

Are these very heavy or nice and light compared to the original wayfarers?

Khidarsh Prema says:

Cool man

ComedicInc says:

Hey man, see the potential of your channel and I love it so much I subscribed, but it would be awesome if you spoke a little more naturally after giving the rundown on the specs.

Dean says:

I bought a pair of these but I’m not really convinced the folding feature offers any space saving benefit over the originals – it seems to be the same volume. When folded the box is fatter than the original, this means it can actually be harder to put in to certain pockets.

Zareef Jahangir Kamal says:

Hey man nice review! What I’d love though, is if rayban made a pair with the folding wayfarers shape and design, but without the extra folding mechanisms. I think the shape of the folding wayfarers is a nice blend of the originals and the new wayfarers, like an in between.

Hannah Suri says:

They look so fun!!!

Sian Harrington says:

wow the cost the glasses that alot but all of them cost alot

sweet potato pie sweet potato pie says:


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