Ray-Ban Justin Review

Ray-Ban Justin RB45 On Face Review
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Murtie2017champ Heavywieght Edition says:

These are the greatest sunglasses. I am 110kg and I had these on the front seat of my car and I got in to drive away and sat on them by accident and was sitting on them for about 5-10 seconds then realized what I was sitting on and got up and moved them out and inspected them and they were only a little bent at the hinge, very hardy sunglasses! Until my brother stole them off me and sold them to his drug dealer. now I am going to purchase the signet range today and see how they fair

Little King says:

Do the Justin’s have an etched logo on the lens?

Mileena C. says:

I like the oakley shape a bit more, but cool review!!

Felipe Ortega says:

I like the Justin’s

Vedran Svob says:

What do you think about red or blue lens?

Kyle Da Silva says:

I like the frame but would probably prefer a different lens colour. Great videos!

Dz NA5G says:

i loooooove them 😉

Hemanth Hemz says:

Hope you have a girlfriend 😛 Don’t end your life with shades

Christopher's Vlogss says:

let me just start by saying that i love your youtube videos. They are amazing and very creative i can’t wait to see you go big one day. You most definitely have my support and ill be happy to stay around and looking out forward to new youtube videos of yours. I myself do youtube videos as well and trying to get to know other youtubers out there it would be an amazing experience if you and I can collab one day in the near future. BTW that’s so cool your doing a giveaway awesome but that’s all i have to say keep up the good work

Andrew Rudd says:

random non-sunglasses related question…. What product do you use in your hair? I have a similar haircut and i am bored with the slicked style that the pomade makes lol.

Apis - says:

Hey, thanks for the great review. Can’t wait for the comparison between Rayban Justin and Oakley Frogskin. Hope I can watch the video soon.

Katy Faget says:

ok so idk if you’ve noticed but this is like the 5th comment i leave on one of your videos and im not trying to spam, i just see how other people leave comments and it brings up my anxiety that i wont win the giveaway. and i know for you that must sound weird but i am going on a vacation in a little bit and getting this money would allow me to buy a camera ive been saving up for, for the longest time. im taking a trip to California then Thailand and I would want nothing more than to upgrade my camera. i know i dont deserve it more than others do but i truly hope you’ll chose me because I love taking photos more than anything in the world and this would be a dream come true. im subbed and like all your videos, please consider me for the winner.

Paolo Ariola says:

cool review

Bonnie Hanna says:

Are these a rubber frame like the brown gradient pair of Ray ban Justins?

Hannah Suri says:

great video!!! can you do an aviator review or a “top summer shades”?

Burnok Regala says:

Hi, I just want to ask, what is the difference between RB4165 to RB4165F..thanks

Noah Cline says:

not being rude or anything but how we do know that the sun glasses on Amazon aren’t fake??

Evans Belony says:

Cool review!

sweet potato pie sweet potato pie says:

I like Oakley better than the Justin

Wasted says:

God video 🙂

Gamer210 Bestee says:

U are the most boring YouTuber I’ve ever met.

Tom Hardy says:

Thanks for the opportunity! I enter 🙂

Sun Kaushik says:

Great video, I have an unboxing of a similar justin pair. The rubbery effect does show sweat and smudges easily tho.

Finnchum says:

Thanks for doing this giveaway

Mendi's KraftyKreations says:

Thanks for the review!

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