Ray-Ban Justin vs New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer vs RB4165 Justin on face Review
►Buy Ray-Ban New Wayfarer here:
(US) http://amzn.to/1r9OtiQ
(UK) http://amzn.to/2sfbSC7
►Buy Ray-Ban Justin here:
(US) http://amzn.to/1P1J6Z2
(UK) http://amzn.to/2t6d2jc
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Ludwig Wittgenstein says:

Why are you speaking like you’re talking to people who are mentally impaired?

Joel Spencer says:

if you buy the justin sunglasses you may find the delivery arrives justin time.

just for fun says:

Wich lenses are the red?
Flash lenses or mirror lenses ?

Socrates Junior says:

Where can i buy ray ban Justin sunglasses? Amazon link please! Thanks

BlackSimbaOfficial says:

I like shades that don’t have the reflecting

Tyler Smith says:

I don’t know if I have to comment on every video to win the give away or if I’m just wasting my time lol

Zayed says:

These are only $75 bucks!

1AndOnlyJoe says:

i got the polarized justins, they are amazing.

Goran Lizdek says:

In this “vidio”…

Brick Worlds says:

I subbed please enter me into the contest!

Mike Miller says:

Justin much better

Iván Sánchez says:

i have justin with blue glasses

Steven Thompson says:

I like both but went for the Justin’s black with blue mirror lenses. Thanks.

KingofPersia says:

Way fair ftw

Himalayan Soul says:

Which lens is on that new wayfarer, is it classic gray or classic green?

SonicBomber says:

I like the Justin.
Unfortunately I bought the Justin but it was from exhibition and I like the wayfarer more..

paintball130 says:

maaaaaaaaaaaaan… I can’t decide… I don’t like the eye lash-y looking part in the top corners of the wayfarers

Holley Hawthorn says:

I Like the Justin’s better.

Rodrigo Nader says:

Cool channels! Both! Hope I win the giveaway!

Tubby Lopez says:

What color are your new wayfarers? I can’t find a color that dark

Anicho says:

I don’t have ray bands, buy they look cool

Max Headroom says:

These’s glasses were lame in the eighties and they’re twice as lame now that they’ve made a comeback.

TheDaRkPhOeNiX says:

I feel Wayfarer is looking better. Well , of course the shape matters

Cesar Nakamura says:

What is the color of your justin glasses?

Kayla savory says:

I like the way farer better

Jenniffer Westwood says:


Kenny Salaga says:

lol “a little bit more bigger”. and he then goes on to say the Justin’s bridge is bigger, when it has a 16 mm bridge and the wayfarer has a 18mm bridge lmao. This guy doesnt know his stuff at all.

Deppe says:

New Wayfer

Mário Lima says:

RB Justin very nice model.

GiuseppeM says:

I just uploaded a video of the best Fake Ray Bans around on my page https://youtu.be/DotidrQv2RE

ron bZoom says:

I got to try on both of these Ray-bans at a sunglasses shop and was surprised how much I liked the Justins over the New Wayfarers. The Wayfarers are a little updated from the ones we’ve seen from RB for years but still retains that familiar design which remains classic cool like a biker jacket, Doc Martens, or blue jeans. I figured the Justins would be okay but too big and likely uncomfortable. Wrong! Maybe it’s this big noggin of mine but they looked better on my face and did feel a little comfier than the Wayfarers. I was certain it’d be the other way around! Still, both are pretty damn nice. But for me, Justins are the way to go. My $0.02.

Lucas Snow says:

very good sur been looking for a comparison

S7VENSiiNS says:

can anyone tell me the lens color on the wayfarer’s? thanks

IDroneYou says:

I like the video but please talk normal not a like a robot

Jenuel Camilo says:

You sound like Agent Smith from The Matrix lol. Awesome reviews.

Wlliam Bayfeild says:

I just like the Wafarer

Aaron Yu says:

are the rb2132 Legit from Amazon cause it only cost $100

mum _21 says:

Ray-Ban RB4165-51 Justin vs RB4165-54 plase

David Candreanu says:

the new wayfarer totally won

Robert Scott says:

Hi what lensrs are in the wayfare

Hotstop Kid says:

justins look nice! looks like better and more comfortable fit

Nob Ben says:

Lol. So cool videos like always! You are so cool! I am also commenting for the $300 gift card for amazon!

Paul Hopkins says:

I wish the Justin came in a 58mm lens with an 18mm bridge. I like the style but they are too narrow for my face. The New Wayfarers 58mm fit me perfectly

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