Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Review at Surfboards.com

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From the Ray-Ban Icons Collection, the Wayfarer has been a classic since 1952. Though these sunglasses need no introduction, we’ll give you the basics. The Wayfarer features acetate frames for durability, 6-Base lenses for optical clarity, and sturdy metal hinges.

All Ray-Ban lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, and are distortion free. In addition, all Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a soft cleaning cloth and classic Ray-Ban case.


Kenzomob says:

ZZZZZZZZZZ…… Hmmm?!!! Say what now???

Concelhaut says:

Kevin Spacy?

Kyle Taylor says:

This guys pretty cool

vee tour says:

I don’t like the extreme slant of the old Wayfarer. The new ones are more stylish especially from a side profile.

Abnel Hidalgo says:

your name is not elvis. its steve from blues clues

NoahCotterill says:

This wasn’t a review. It’s product information with objective analysis.

Concelhaut says:

Kevin Spacey

z3rok0ol21 says:

The label on the frame of my Smith and Wesson glasses melted off after a few hours in the sun while wearing them on a very hot day, what about the Ray-ban glasses?

pat shepherd says:

my son prefers the youngsters loosing there eye sights for his fantasies of those megaman voices after getting his wish on the cartoon itself like he did Mario sonic donkey kong and pacman

insanecat1 says:

I guess just the brand name and what celebs are tied to them (Jack Nicholson, the blues brothers, several musical artist, etc). Seeing this comment is from 2 months ago, which one did you go with?


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Oak Gaming says:

Haha the way he just turns his head slowly lol

Yorn Flarp says:

swag overdose!

Oliver S says:


iRaiderNation says:

I got this for 3 dollors on amazon

Aitor Menta says:

Seldom Cooper has a channel in YouTube!

Shmuckla says:

why u so excited?

top5ofdweek says:

is this 50mm size

monkeh88 Entertainment says:

i have the 47 size, they look so good on anyone


this dude sounds like dictionary

George Branikas says:

i am sorry but you give little information about the sunglasses for examlpe are these 52mm and green lens?

ratmtbola says:

Don’t worry, I’m not blaming you 😉

Sophia Kim says:

u kinda look like sheldon from the big bang theory with the shades on..haha

yo C says:

You shouldn’t brag about fake glasses.

CuteFunnyVideo says:

Why the fuck do they put the brand name directly on the lens. This is so fucking stupid. 

Matthew Mccallum says:

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

LiljofScandalXRecord says:

Hahaha sho do like that nicca frum blues clues!

SkinnedLynryd says:


Arian Soroush says:

so much expression

Mark Griffiths says:

Is this dude a robot? 

Yo11even Gaming says:

If you like wayfarers, check out UV Raze Sunglasses

Writer Pirlo says:

las original tienen más caracter!

eternalsexy says:


Tuananh Laivu says:

size ?

im Squid says:

“We just got mail, we just got mailll
We just got mail i wonder who its from”

gene53945 says:

3 dollors?, shit man, you are just on the peak of your life uh

Mannix Lee says:

Deal with it

Mojo Bro says:

Well Elvis put on those sunglasses and sing me a song!

Over9000Gingers says:

Werent you on blues clues

Mojo Bro says:


ratmtbola says:

Seldom Cooper? lol, I think you mean Sheldon Cooper

JC Evermore says:

this guy had a nose surgery?

Joe Chalk says:

Steve from blue clues looks good with wayfarers

Alex R says:

i’m thinking of getting a pair of black wayfarers, are they worth it though? they don’t look fancy or anything what part of them makes them look cool? how are they aesthetically different from a 10$ pair of black sunglasses?

Chris B says:


Claudio Solini says:

Check this out!!!

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Aitor Menta says:

I’m spanish. I dont speak English well

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