Rayban Aviators Review

Hello! I thought I would give my two cents on this super popular style from Rayban. Love them and really glad I gave them a chance.

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Nashanarak says:


Brandon Overstreet says:

Love the colored lenses!

Juudoka says:

These are not for low nose bridge imho

Muhammad Habibi says:

0:13 0:14 0:13 0:14 0:13 0:14

Grizabella says:

Hey! I like your aviators. What is the color code of the black one?

Mina Safwat says:

What is the color code of the black one?

Adam Worden says:

I think one size up would look a bit better on you 😉

Siriya Bott says:

I find it so helpful that you measured your head, because that really helped me when I was trying to shop online for Ray Bans.

Mila V Osipova says:

They are too small for your head shape, try to choose the bigger one..58 for example

shiv says:

brown shade is always my favourite I have wheiatish skin tone. fopr us indinas brown and black feels good and comfy

Walter E. Kurtz says:

The lense color on the black pair looks like G15 as Stephen Ryder noticed as well.
But afaik Ray Ban does not make a green lense with an outside mirror finish like this.
I have three different models of Ray Ban aviators with G15 lenses and they do not mirror like the ones in this video.
Not even close. So these are not G15 lenses.
The full model number on Ray Ban Aviators is printed on the inside of the left temple.
The model number is RB3025 , followed by the color code.
So it should read: RB3025 002/58 or something (002 = the black frame color, 58 is polarized green (for example)).
OR it could say something like RB3026 L2821 or RB3025 L2823 (Black frames, green colored lense).
If you read a model number that does not exist (I.E. that is not a model number that Ray Ban uses) you can be sure you’ve been had.
I really hope these do not turn out to be fake.
I must say the fact that the request for the model number has not been answered in the nine months since this review, combined with the Singapore purchase (SGD) does not bode very well for the authenticity of this pair of aviators.
I very much hope that I am proven wrong.

red vidal says:

very nice sun glasses, i want to buy next week , i like the black one

Luigi Battista says:

They are ugly but look like shit on you. No offense. Cheers.

Geraldine Peter says:

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! 🙂

Olivia Nazareno says:

I think the regular size fits most women. The large size is a bit too big and looks better on men.

sonofnothing says:

I just got these exact aviators. Twins! They look great on you

Yukabby Vlog says:

Hi,your rayban is good,we have the same likes and i’m also an aviator collector,please visit my collection in my channel,thanks! 🙂

seacow2001 says:

There is something you can do, check out the Ray Ban Cockpit 🙂

Lancelot C says:

U look great! (:

flashbirdx says:

+Sherin Ng  could you tell me the color code of the blue and the black one please?

mama bear says:

I was just considering these sunglasses. Like you I thought they are too cool for me. I have he wayfarer and the Jackie ohh and now I want to add these to my collection. A friend had a pair and it looked nice on her. Thanks for your review. I will have to go to Sunglass Hut and try on the different sizes.

Arthur Alkmaar says:

RB3025 112/4L 58-14 (POLARIZED BLUE FLASH) $200.00 (on website from manufacturer)
… Just bought it. 😉

maggs mum says:


Dansloth259 says:

+chubbyluna she HAS tried the wayfarers!

Adriana Gonzalez says:

bueno, tal vez a Lyn may no le acomodan bien, pero los lentes están bonitos



VHS YouTube says:

funny how wayfarers are so 60s fashion and yet still so popular and aviators being more 80s fashion. Both became popular again in the early 2010s, they were all like forgotten since the end of the 80s

PHENOM880 says:

Asian people should never wear round glasses.

TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz says:

Aviators are UGLY! they do not fit u at all! get some small late 90’s early 00’s glasses and make em to sunglasses!

Softball4life10 says:

They look small

Hamida Azimi says:

U looks cool!! love the colour Will get one same

deedee lebowski says:

i think they look great on you

Carlos Santos says:

black ones are really cool

Beauty Geek says:

Awe! You’re plenty cool to pull them off. I like them on you!!

Robin Johnson says:

Wear them lower

Chelsea Lotte says:

i think size 58 will be more suitable for you,, this one is too small
btw, the lens color is nice!
I got the silver green

TheGuyWithTheBratzDollz says:

“They Move when I smile” yea cuz they are too big!

Stephen ryder says:

At around 3:19 close up the lenses appear to have a green tint to them, which makes me think they could be G15 lens. I could be wrong of course.

Dong Phuong Nguyen says:

i love the black one…. actually looks verygood on you *)

jora md.shariff says:

You still has not answered what they asking for… What is the colour code for the black frame with mirror glass. All u have to do is to look for the colour code at the side … 3025 —/—- 55 or 58( size). Very important is the code. They have a few black mirror glass. U have to b specific. Please please!!!! WE NEED THE CODE FOR THE BLACK AVIATOR

shiv says:

raybans are so expensive.i purchased a sunglasses from indina company manufactured by indina company.cost me only about 1000rs ane came for a long time.but lost it swimming.so im going to skip rayban nd buy another local one.

Geraldine Peter says:

Hi, mind sharing the name of the store in Far East Plaza where you ordered your Ray-Bans in black frame and black mirrored lens? Would love to jump on the bandwagon and get that.

Hattarayksisarvinen says:

I love dat blue mirrored ray bans, the black mirrored ray bans look cool too but I like more blue mirrored ray bans <3 I buy them maybe in the next year

Cindy P says:

thank you. youre cool.

Serene Géorgien says:


Julia Elizabeth says:

what is the color & model number of the black ones?

Tracey ocgirl says:

your skin is very pale

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