heyyyyyyy, I picked these up yesterday after much debate because I’m SO bad at taking care of sunglasses.

58mm Ray Ban Mirrored Aviators in Silver (technically classic green, but they look silver, not green at all).


DukeEra says:

You are gorgeous, just had to say that.

Sharky says:

170 euro? fuuck

Davie Donna says:

Those ARE over-sized glasses.

Liam Jones says:

Her hydrogen peroxide game is on point.

Waqas Jameel says:

Hay looking nyc please mention the modal of this glasses. ?

Slippschitts Hey says:

Looks like a kardashian knockoff. Do your own thing.

Jose Chavez says:

Hi Luna! Would you be able to tell me the difference in looks between “Silver Mirrored”, and “Silver Flash”?? I keep reading on websites that they are the same thing, but when I go on the Ray-Ban website, they are two different options. It seems like it comes down to color, but if silver is one single color, why would there be a difference?

Kavinsky Smith says:

With the mirrored sunglasses, do they let alot of light in, like the polarized and normal glasses do under direct sunlight, or do they prevent that reflection of your eyes from showing up? you know that inner glass glare, as I’m trying to find ones that dont do that without requiring you to wear a damn hat.

Gitartha Gaurav says:

can you tell me the exact model number of this pair of sunglass. Please

Uncle murdoc niccals says:

Hey, nice lamp on the background. Wanna fuck?

Just J says:

You look like Eleanor Calder with the glasses on! 🙂

Gabrielle Medrano says:

so beautiful girl!!! love the shades

NoNameQu says:

I tried to follow you on Twitter and IG but couldn’t find you

Ab Trejo says:

girl those sunglasses look great on you, nice video also

ImposteR_OWL says:

NYC you look LA

lara Powermention says:

hot hot hot…

gus051 says:

If you like over sized sunglasses try the 62mm version

RbBishop Red says:

Are they for chicks? I want to get one.

The Sunglass Fix says:

Gorgeous Ray Ban Aviators! Perfectly suits you +luna_dollx ! Also, just in case you might need new lenses for this brand, no need to worry! We’ve got you covered! Just visit #TheSunglassFix to know more!

pink_pineapple01 says:

Eyebrows! 🙂 perfect

Robin Johnson says:

Im 14 and I have 20 pairs of expensive sunglasses all over $200

armaan811 says:

What’s the difference between Mirror & Flash lenses?

mixedracedghanagirl B says:

I wear mirrored ones when I am not in the mood to make eye contact so I totally get you on that one! The size and style look good on you dont get the bigger ones these are perfect!

arhlen itchon says:

how the view when see throudh the glass. i mean the wearer

TheCoffeehigh says:

Haha all my sunglasses are ill-fated too…. *sigh*

TheMetalGuy852 says:

“i just woke up and haven’t had coffee yet”….. “because it’s OBVIOUSLY more important that i do a youtube review immediately after i first open my eyes!”

playbak says:

Where’s all the furniture?

Carr Buckets says:

They look good as hell on you

srkn Cool says:

you look so hot with sunglasses

Bit Bitch says:

Aww you are adorable 🙂

Summoner A says:

How did you wake up with all that make up and your hair being perfect -__-?

pvtdiego217 says:

Hey I can find one of those on the website?

Ruan Shiraishi says:

I dont find this kind of glasses here in japan 🙁

Arun Kumar says:

i liked this video.. for u girl. . not for rayban.. 😀 

Chubby Luna says:

Looks too big on you. Try the 55mm aviator, standard wayfarer or the clubmaster.

jayteso says:

do they have silver mirrored polarized?

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