2 Chainz Tries On $48K Vintage Sunglasses | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

2 Chainz sits down with his friend Corey Shapiro, founder of Vintage Frames, and tries on some wildly expensive sunglasses.

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2 Chainz Tries On $48K Vintage Sunglasses | Most Expensivest Shit | GQ

Starring: 2 Chainz


Boris Bagryanskiy says:

Did he get those jeans off of a homeless guy?

The Carpet says:

those gucci glasses were hot af

Boris Bagryanskiy says:

Its such cringe to hear them speak

TonyMon16 says:

“Lets make it , lets make it , lets make it a memory…” i aint gonna forget that in a hurry. Dude cut down on the weed. Not the first time i seen you struggle with simple words and thoughts.

Smells Good says:

2 canes

Brian Greenspan says:

Can we have a video on his sunglass collection

close ur mouth boi says:

nothing scares me we have your credit card on file

i loled so hard

Bianca L says:

I first thought he was Fat Joe mixed with DJ Khaled when I first saw him lol

Kind Guy says:

The dude looks jewish! the glasses seller

NellyBelle says:

I love me some Shades!!! I would be sold on them 50gs cazalz!!!

finesso justo says:

blank man the movie

Toni Memetaj says:

all this glasses are ugly

simonsickboy says:

love those opening lines for this vid

Jomamaslefttit Adolfolivernipples says:

these guys seem like they’re genuinely cool

OnlyBlix says:

Those Gucci glasses actually look pretty dope on him. But 12k?

the_survivor_ HD says:

that other guy looks like hes half dressed dafuq are those jeans

Charles E Pauyo says:

2 kanez!! lmao

Schmutz Lord says:

the first sunglasses looked best on him. #nohomo

Isac K says:

The editor for these videos is amazing

Leonard Woody says:

What are those Tupac glasses called and where can I buy them & what was the glasses the guy had on showing the merch

alexander metz says:

0:39 his laugh sounds just tike jonah hill’s horrible laugh in wardogs

MilanPD says:

2:05 If Young Metro don’t trust you i’m gon’ shoot you AHAHAHAHAHA.

Zoe Langevin says:


99 - says:

Latest episode we’ll be seeing him do a $100000 hand shake

Mephistopheles says:

1:12 lol

MrBlvdman says:

@2:00 – LMAO, low key threaten someone

Sherwood 707 says:

Seems like they have some chemistry.. Cool seeing them talk.

Kayla says:

DJ Khaled???

Gokusaiyan5 Smasher says:

bruh give the white dood new jeans

eric cassidy says:

Hes wearing a 200 dollar hat but has a channel of overpriced things

Lucas Hui says:

does anyone care about GQ’s other shows

asvp. rxsa says:

What are the glasses called when he came into the room

Lauryn Haley says:

great episode

Andrew Scott says:

Thousands on jewellery and sunglasses – bic lighter
Cummon man!

Matthew Trojan says:


Chip MopChop says:

rows on rows on rows on rows


stupid twochainz! i hate u!

Tom Murphy says:

what are those glasses 2 chainz has on first cos they look fresh

billie paraskevo says:

When you have to fight with wolves at 3:00 but meet 2chainz at 3:30

Ryan Nugent says:

happy thanksgiving , them glasses are sick I’d pay 50k for those absolutely!!

burh_itz_bam Bam says:

I could watch this for hours

Cam Nick says:

2 Chainz give me money

Wil Ragan says:

he got dumb pants

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