Another Versace Pick up! (Versace Sunglasses)

(Re-upload) Thanks for watching as always! Have a nice day 😀
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Lloyd Jordan says:

There excellent, how much did they cost ? Thanks

Eminem Nick-Gur says:

makes u look like a fukboii too seems like u were the bitch who sat on the back of the class

axelsilverman says:

Those are for women, search on the website

Lion Heart says:

you look like gay in this glasses

A Person says:

I love Versace, not a fan of their newer model sunglasses. They feel really cheaply made, like the plastics.

Joey Watha says:

This is a really good review, I just got Versace glasses, and it was hard to tell, but I believe they are very similar to your prescription ones when you showed them.  

xciv t.v. says:

i really like the frames, all the versace from the past few years has the medusas in side & out so the detail is great. the shape framing the medusa is a is a retro of the 424 model from the late 90’s & i think it looks great. i considered purchasing the blue ones for a friend, but i wanted to ask if they fit you well or are they tight fitting. i appreciate any advice u can give. …if you have a min check out “vintage versace sunglasses” you tube

Nina Ilieva says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Eminem Nick-Gur says:

gay they just look gay thats why u never see them

j k says:

those are for women

Innate says:


Juan Licera says:

wow looks nice, Quite theatrical but look good on u.

Nelson Oliveira says:

Return them ASAP

Brandon Roberts says:

Thanks! I saw your comment on my last video and thank you again!

diamond princeza says:

damn there gorgeous

Reggi Bee says:

Return them. .. lol

ddgladiva says:

They’re haute and look fab on you. I saw the first video you uploaded and had to watch this one also, lol

Bella zoe says:

Love ya glasses. I’m on a hunt for them and another pair.. looks good on u….♥♥

j k says:

lies… your full off shit bro.. where is the certificate?

SurreallTV says:

Hey man…are those concidered to be “Grey” lenses?….and the medal…is that listed as Silver?…or Gold? (in the video it looks silver, and not gold)……..let me know….

(they look GREAT by the way!)

sean magnuson says:


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