Diamond Versace Sunglasses



Immanuele Simonelli says:

Bitch dont scream in the mic oh u so hyped stupid ass redneck

Owen Arroyo says:

My dad has this pair

Slickstar GB says:

ur intro is the best i have seen.

rob richei says:

this pair is ugly but bro i want the other ones their dope af

Bad Karma says:

Versace clothes are nice but damn there shades are ugly

Jake Roberts says:

I have a pair of versace shades but I don’t remember getting a warrantee card where did you get that ?

ThatsClassic714 says:

@DILLION99PS3 sup dillion

Ami Khariton says:

cool bro

Bobmarley Marley says:

bunch of broken up heaters… everyone has their own style…dum motherfukers.

hvcool says:

notice the shading is darker on top than the bottom , i though they were dark from top to bottom

Model your kiss says:

You need to get a job’ you broke wanna be rich’ bet your walking hahaha”

Razvan Dragos says:

Awesome video! Check out our videos on our Versace sunglasses! Thank you!


@HoYewWilliam I’m in a few partnerships with a few good friends and we own a computer repair company, a graphic design company, and I invest incredibly well in the stock market.

Adrian Arambula says:

Just Got Me A Pair Of This Nice Versace And Im In love

Andy Soler says:

A Fucking Manual Im Done lol

Immanuele Simonelli says:

And i bet u diint know versace is a last name italian and many other italian brands

iiMaGeZzDS says:

@SECTACYxHD yeah for the vid

Diego Nunez says:


ecuad0rianchica5 says:

lol wow
dont hurt em sect

PhuTube714 says:

damn deeeze ugly AF.. check my channel if u wanna seee some real dope Versaces 

LuisM214 says:

u paid too much homie dey run for like 3 bills in dallas #SOUTHSIDE!!

Matt DeCato says:

These are women’s glasses that’s why the lenses aren’t solid black you fucking noob

SondreAuto says:

kool thank you very much 😀

iiMaGeZzDS says:

y u didnt try em on

12346unknown says:

I have never heard of a silk cleaning cloth. I swear its microfibre?

AzimuthMagician says:

Hmmm how do i put glasses on. OOOOHHHH A MANUAL!!

iNgLewooD64xHLmD says:

lol i have a pendant the exact same as that 2540$

Immanuele Simonelli says:

There all made in italy dumb ass many americans are stupid they even sold rayban to italy were smart us italians lmao

CStarz says:

@LuisM214 nah they’re like 200 tops

ChristianTS23 says:

Swag. Loving that intro

zNeMeSuS says:

dam they tight ,n ur intro is beast

Donoven Valdes says:

badass intro

Kr2 says:

make more please!!!!!!


@iiMaGeZzDS Lol you mean for the vid? I wear them all the time =D

Michael Jeantet says:

Whats so funny

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