Madonna For Versace Sunglasses Review (Palazzo)

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#PedroForVersace ;D Hola little queens this is a long description but read through for fun 😀 so these were the 4298 from Versace which was another Madonna campaign pair and I adore them! I honestly cannot stop wearing these but I believe the Lady Gaga ones will forever be my most worn 😀 These Madonna ones just have this cool big white bug eye look with thick frames and the chunky medusa head and it’s everything. Sidenote though how coincidental that I filmed this video and then while I’m uploading I go through my subscriptions and while watching Dacob’s video, he’s wearing a Versace shirt haha. He also had this fragrance top 10 video and reviews, y’all know I love fragrance, but he makes me want to just go out and get more and literally I die a little holding back because I have way too many fragrances. I believe I have around 100-125 possibly and fragrance is literally the last thing I need more of. I digress but either way, cool beans and baby pandas. Back to the sunglasses, they make me feel some type of way when I wear them and I feel like Madonna lol. I wish I would’ve had these when I went to the Rebel Heart Tour cause in my mind i’m like what if I ran into Madonna or something lol. Also I totally forgot about the ring I gave my queen Carly Rae Jepsen and I was looking for it like “where did I put that, it’s new?” then remembered it was her gift cause I had told her I’d do my best to see her on tour front row one day in the future and that day we just went back all over and had fun. She’s so sweet you guys like she’s an amazing friend. Also please support my girl Tay by checking out her jewelry or getting her music on iTunes and her soundcloud. Collide is just an amazing song like I told her I can never get enough of it and I even snapped (or snapchatted?) her my broken ipod cause the screen shattered when I was walking my dogs listening to the song and I was like noooooo!!! Haha but check out Dacob cause he has cool hair and the Luxe Babe, she has an amazing closet full of luxurious wonders. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their channels as much as I do and fall in love with their stuff 🙂 Idk they just have some fun personalities, down to earth character, an overall positive vibe to them and such that I watch them for hours on end lmao. I literally like watched so many videos until like 6-8 am it was so bad and I’m trying to write these essays and study cause college but I’m dying lol. Again if you want to see any other sunglasses of mine please comment or like the video so I know and if you want a collection video do the same and know that it will be a while just so when I get the pair or pairs I want, wear them for a good week or two, take selfies for snapchat and instagram etc. I’m sure the links and stuff for my social media is somewhere so follow me for first-looks and tell me when you do ;D Anywhoo I wanna say hi to Rami Malek & stay safe and God bless 🙂
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