River Treasure: Versace Sunglasses Plucked From The Torrent

Another River Treasure adventure where I find many, many pairs of sunglasses to include a nice pair of Versace glasses. Hot sun, cool water, and river delectables await you in this sojourn.


djpuffthethird says:

MOAR ! !

Sandy Websdale says:

Beau’s fishy tasting chocolate bars at a store near you.

00aBs00 says:

hahaha todayeheyyy

MCAdventurer says:

Uh, Chigg? I hate to spoil the Christmas spirit but that ‘ornament’ is a meth pipe.

Eric Duncan says:

He should make hold your breath t’s

m1negamers says:

Do you ever meet predators like mink or jackfish?
If so, what do you do?

Diego Quintana says:

the thing that you said was a Christmas ornament is a broken pipe for smoking

Alocos TKO says:

50 shades of chigger

Jimmie Simmons says:

Just my opinion but personally I would flip that glass out of the water somewhere onto the bank. That way no one comng down the river could cut themself. At least on the bank it can be seen. Or even flip it twords a bush.

guinepigs rock says:

Harry potter glasses at 11:52

David Gaylord says:

cash in all those cans that should sponsor your trip

Will Sullivan says:

“Christmas tree ornament” lol

Gina Laughter says:

Your aqua spider is a hair clip. lol I have one just like it.

Peter Rozboril says:

You found far more sunglasses in one outing than I have in 10-12 times out at 4 different river locations.

Charlene Howard says:

Unless I haven’t been paying attention…it seems there was a lot of fish in this river compared to the others.

Eric Duncan says:

Save the cheese for later on in the day to plug yourself up after eating the old milkyway.

Gears Fanatic says:

Dude you definatly remind me of trevor from gta

Patrick Sullivan says:

You have the most amazing adventures and discoveries. It takes some real bravery to search in some of the places you go. Keep the videos coming please.

johngamache7 says:

Imagine one day if he lost it at the end of the video and stomped on all his finds and kicked them back into the river 😮

Evan Shellard says:

Omg I lost that selfie stick nine weeks ago

Twist Gaming says:

You should start a website where you sell the sun glasses

Bob G says:

awww man! you got framed! Ha ha.

melody sims says:

That was a silver quarter

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