Versace, all Versace everything ( Bracelet, Earrings, Pen, Chains and Belt )

All versace everthing…
All legit,
Gold Versace bracelet with a cristal;
Gold Versace earrings;
Versace Pen;
White and light gold Versace Chain;
Gold Versace chain;
Calf leather Versace belt.


dank master says:

Cool vid bro do gold plated Versace jewellery fad ??

el ojo que todo lo ve says:

waoo! que colección

Theheatmaker says:

Why? Just Why? in the burning hell why? I’m sure as hell not mad or even jealous in the least bit. but please do NOT tell me you go out like that. If you’re over 30 I’m sure NO one will take you seriously no matter HOW MUCH you paid for all that. Why?…

Jeremy W says:

Niggas can’t speak human language

Hotshot5000 says:

Okay we know it’s not GOLD and that’s fine because it still looks good but i think the question that everybody has is, does it turn colors on your neck like fake $20 gold chains from Canal Street…???

이연지 says:

Im thinking of getting a Versace belt but I have a nickel allergy, so Im scared to get that medusa belt. Did u ever have any skin problem with your Versace belt?

Germán Serna says:

Wait a sec, will this shit fade after a while?

Erik Stump says:

what type is the white and light gold Versace chain?¿… .. .

adel dich says:

are you a dealer man !?

Lee Palmer says:

better getting real gold but dops items

Vick Nelonis says:

But you probably rent your house and your car

rottweilergino says:

versace don’t make real gold so it’s not gold say gold plated BRASS…just saying

Aidan clarke says:

Dope vid bro

baran aydogan says:

how you afford all this shit bruth. what job you got?

Lawrence Jones says:


drekics says:


Andy Silva says:

So much hate in the comments. People get mad because they can’t afford it. oh well… Fuck them. I love Versace too man, and its a very cool brand, with awesome products.

Montana Gold says:

How much fuckin Money do you have

Buk Lulu says:

OK first off ….. versace does not make solid gold chains earnings etc …. there gold plated so they are not worth anything

1AppleofEden says:

Please do a video on all of the new Men’s Versace Bracelets… NO Gucci – Gucci is old school.

Aradossa says:

What is the name of the versace chain which he was wearing before he wears the new one? (Love)

TheCr0wned says:

Nice Versace bro

Charles Ortisi says:

Dat fake gold killin my eyes g

Shane Brown says:

I imagine he need a blunt before and after he situate that setting just sayin.

Aidan clarke says:

Good vid dude

Sergio Garcia says:

bro I met VERSACE and been to a gucci concert I got gold all over me

Aarron Bal says:

nice collection

GlareBlair says:

Where can I buy this stuff bro? Id appreciate it if you could help me out.


Are you haitian

Mint Choc says:

Yes my man finally someone with a real Versace Belt and other accessories

Rocky 24 says:

this dude super gay lmao

Trichome Juice says:

Beautiful pieces man


people gonna hate all day. Versace does make REAL gold jewels, if anyone did their research on the subject you would see it for yourself. now what he is showing is whats called gold plated. Because Versace is the maker ….it COST BREAD. thats what people dont understand, the name VERSACE RINGS BELLS, its the reason you all are watching and hating . think about it, while people who can afford to wear what they want, you still hating and angry because you wouldnt spend you’re money this way. well get you’re own money and buy what you desire. a bruh SHINE on these fools!!!!!!

xcstacylove jones says:

all that is gold plated paying thousands for the name. can buy real jewels for those prices

Leonidas Sparta says:

where do u got the last chain?

Ben silver says:

all that gold and he can’t get good sound.

1AppleofEden says:

The only Versace that’s Real gold include some of their vintage items from the 1970’s and 80’s, especially women’s ear-rings or rings, bracelets etc. Small feminine items.

Spyrex. says:

My nigga Only ur Versace pen cost more then my house lol

Arewestill Pranking says:

In the past your told me you are a stock broker. I want to be a stock broker as will. You got any tips for me bro

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