Versace Shades

versace sunglasses modle 4044b


KompaChop says:

Thats fucking cheap i taught it would be more expensive

King Kong says:

i give u 300 for them thangs.. they came out 3 years ago G

Rob Ramirez says:

you made a goos choice bro in buying the shades right there

CStarz says:

@moul777 man get your broke fake ass outta here herb you get no respect for wearing fake shit period you mark..

colinm27 says:

@DMONEY7263 at first i thought max b wore those ones but he actually wears blvgari

moul777 says:

@Constellashun myman is darker than u u albino ass cracker get off his melenated nuts

jony yanez says:

damn those are some bad glasses,ima get these in a week,,do u get allot of comments or wat

CStarz says:

@moul777 im lookin at your ugly ass yack weave wilder beast lookin bitch and thats what type of “girls” you get when you wear fake shit,,,my skins more “melenated” then yours you swine fleshed bum

BLooDYBLOOD95 says:

@GonzalezFromTheBlock shut up lame

Judge Dredd says:

What is the color of these lens bro?

Linnaye Baker says:

amazon 100 % authenic and cheap i got me a pair

chris hancock says:

Yea, Biggie Smalls had a few pairs.

John Macilroy says:

Does anyone know what the colour of these cool shades lenses are?


27suzukirider says:

nice shades! i have the same ones i traded my budy a gold ring for them, i fell in love with them after i put them on! didn’t think they where actually worth 3 bills.

moul777 says:

cool u got the real ones..but if dont wana pay 200 bills like a clown for these shades that u will never b able to casually wear..goto versace it and theire only 20$..exact frame and very similar logo instead of a madusa its somewhat of a tribal face..much better than paying for the real ones and having to treatem like their a fucking child.

Un Known says:

Absolutely hate the shape of these
…..respect though..I love ny versaces

CEO says:

Where did you get your shades from?

MistaGnostikMindz says:

@TheMrpayaso13 so doez GNOSTIK MINDZ from The REAL 310 WEST….GHETTO STAR BALLER…hahaha

jubrieel ahkile says:

Negga talk

urboychon says:

@vollsmosebadboy yes.

Kenny Morales says:


Régina.Jones says:

what coler are the lens

moul777 says:

lol u heard my girl fagit lol n get off waynes ickD u baige mutha fugka lol

moul777 says:

my man has way more updated shades than u. u stuck in year 200 bum as negga. get off my mans jock u prolly gets no pussy at all kekeke

moul777 says:

my girl says…stfu u frail caveman cracker lol

moul777 says:

@Constellashun but y u say dat knowing my girl thinks use just a caveman. yadada..mean

moul777 says:

no dude i got mad replica ..bvlgari.,versace. etc,,they have never broke wen i dropem…so your wrong and idont hate on real ones my homies rok real ones..along with gangster locs…so fuck you and your lame ass buying real versaces but u aint got the jeans to match ..that not economically intellegent asshole

TheHouston1988 says:

Those are some bad ass glasses.I’m thinking of getting some of those or a pair cutler and gross 0425’s.still haven’t decided.

moul777 says:

my man digginin dis gushy while u wishin uwas him cracker lol

CStarz says:

@moul777 lol you are white as FUCK keep trolling white boy

ThyStoneOne says:

@Reyes05 Their uni-sex shades, lots of guys wear this model

Eternalsky1982 says:

I’m buying these in the summer from sunglasses hut I love them

saman heleabadi says:

are these the same as mr.crminials and mr.capone-es

garry singh says:


moul777 says:

@Constellashun look at my melanated black wifey cracker i win

MistaGnostikMindz says:

Daam I seen some of the commentz n nothin but fuckin haterz…they want wat they can’t have n if they have it all they do iz hate..FUCK U

croydonkidd1 says:

If anyone wants the original max b bvlgari sunglasses message me I’m selling em for $600 comes with case and cloth etc. $600 no lower includes shipping… VERY RARE!!!

moul777 says:

@Constellashun lol

Rob Ramirez says:

@PoeticShadow they are fake bro cuz they only make em with the silver

Respect All Fear None says:

about to get me a pair of this locs next week gonna look g up to the feet up ese

damocitydon says:

Does anybody know where i can find the versace reading glasses?
(not the sunglasses) they have a black frame with the versace logo on the sides in gold for men. please get back 2 me!

Rob Ramirez says:

@Reyes05 no they are for everybody cuz i rock them

MerseyMinded says:

it says on the site multicoloured/grey did u pik that one because i want em black?? get back to me plz

paris love says:

Dark gray

John Macilroy says:

Hi there I am from the Uk and looking for these with the dark black lenses not grey I have found plenty for sale but not like these with the black lenses, can anyone help please and dont care about cost?



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