versace sunglasses 4265 @versace_sunglasses

nice thick heavy frames, detailed accents, gold everywhere, i love ’em. some will not like the big lenses or the over-all shape of the frames; but i believe in leaving the designs to the designers & just staying fresh. versace did a great job combining retro & contemporary styles, pick ’em up. ($230)


Tyler Gage says:

ugly fucking faggot

xciv t.v. says:

2vince, 424 have much bigger & more detailed accents.  424 have flat lenses and more frame.  the 4265 have curved lenses & signifacantly less frame.  i personally believe anyone would will look good w 414, however; the 4265 are harder for some people 2 b comfotable wearing.

Sevas Tra says:

Northstar mall?

matt erwin says:

Were can i get those

cooldaddypmg says:

Here in Houston there still $250 with the black & tortoise still in stock…I’ll get the black because I already have some tortoise Versace frames…..thanks for all the great Versace posts….don’t stop…..salute

vince smith says:

Hey question. What’s the difference between these Versace 4265 and the 424? I know the 424 were big in the 90’s. I know Biggie made them real popular, but to me they look pretty close. What’s your thoughts? Thanks for your time.

cooldaddypmg says:

what up bro…they just restocked these on the Versace site… $270….. wish i could find the og 413s

Indalecio Pruneda De La Cruz says:

what size mm are the frames ?

Tremayne Thomas says:

Just ordered a pair because of u. Thanks homie

Matt Erwin says:

Bro text me at 925-437-3320 I need to call about the versace shades

indalecio pruneda says:

What brand or where can u get the white sunglasses that you wore at the beginning of the video?

Johnny Carrillo says:

I wanna get these but I’m debating because they’re HUGE

June Stone says:

Very nice

Trey Drier says:

Those Versace’s are ugly as hell.  They look like they are made for a woman.  Would be caught dead in them.

Street Chemist says:

Most Dope, definitely a change of pace from the cazal n square frames in general. This vid absolutely inspired me to get a pair. Keep posting ill keep watching.

woah man says:

Nigga you icy

Ten Dorra says:

Nice need to get them

Jean FENTE says:

Hey Buddy … thanks for all your video, i’m from FRANCE and i really want this pair .. but i’m afraid cause everywhere i can see ” FOR WOMEN ” … 
do you think the Form is easy to wear for a Men ?
I have OVAL form of face, do you think i can wear it easy … for information WAYFARER style is Awesome for my my kind of form … 

tell me what you want about style for face form !

xciv t.v. says:

Sup c-daddy…. I appreciate the info, & thanks 4 posting.

OscarSmokingLoud says:

I just ordered these. Cant wait til they get here. At first i thought they looked kinda feminine but after this video they look clean. Mainly got them for the golden sides. Gonna be breaking necks.

Ugly Musa says:

They just came yesterday

xciv t.v. says:

sunglass hut just raised the price on this frame. the black has sold out from s.h. & the versace store, brown will b gone soon. ebay sellers are really getting carried away with the price. they will not last long.

Brown Pimp 95666 says:

it’s all about the 424’s

Ugly Musa says:

Hows the quality?

Ugly Musa says:

I ordered these because of u n this video. Can’t wait to get these bitches

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