Versace sunglasses unboxing

Versace Sunglasses VE 2140 BLACK 1002/87 VE2140 amazon link


Miguel Garcia says:

Ok here’s my experience sharing with all of you.

First of all, i have this model in my collection, this is for men 100%
I’ve been wearing Versace for years I have like 6 sunglasses including recent models and also vintage from the 1990’s. All versace comes with model serial number. That’s how you tell the gender.Hope it helps.

MsSamian says:

On some websites it says it unisex and some say it’s women’s, so can I buy them?

Eminem Nick-Gur says:

why they gotta make Gucci and Versace female glasses look better ;(

Proto Pikachu says:

Gucci’s Sunglasses/ Eye glasses are distributed under Safilo.

Proto Pikachu says:

You’re wrong. Not every Name brand is owned by Luxottica. Gucci is one of those companies that is not under Luxottica.

Jones Pascual says:

the struggle tho.

Dc209Tech says:

I am looking to buy a pair of glades but I wonder if you can give me a opinion about which brand woud give me better materials so they can last longer

marsandoval1 says:

There fake!

Ahmed Bakar says:

Thank u so much

Austin Squires says:

Can you do the suit from Amazon same brand as the glasses

Yo Mamma says:

” I didn’t get the expensive pair, these were only $200 bucks ” bahaha!

Jaime Preciado says:

Those are fake mate

Eric Kim says:

How do know that they’re fake???

12346unknown says:

To everyone saying they’re fake, they’re not. I never got why you would even think that, when people unbox fake glasses, they tell you on yt. You won’t find a fake of this quality, it simply wouldnt pay off. The box, the case, the paperwork…way too much hassle to copy all that shit, plus make the glasses such high quality, they would barely be cheaper than the real ones, plus even people with a low income will be able to afford this if they really want to. Yes, 200$ for sunglasses is quite much, but 200$ isnt unaffordable even for people who do not earn that much money.

Mr John says:

i like model 2101 better

Ei Cri says:

real versaces have the box and paperwork from luxottica and a code you register online to authenticate a particular pair, and serial number etched in upper right lens. some high brands like raybans are made in china now, but versaces only from italy. if it says china, it’s a fake versace.

Miguel Garcia says:

If you look in my pic you can see me wearing this model.

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