Versace Vitello Winged Medusa Belt Unboxing + Review

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Tone Oh says:

this shit is CLEAN asf

Drill Squad says:

fuck u nigga y u always tryna flex n show tf off

The Eagle Chanter says:

That belt cold bro

Savage Kidoo0 says:

Luv ur vids, can yoou make on of how you get the money

gio games says:

where do you buy cheap belts

Dylan Monares says:


Ricardo sandoval says:

would you sell it

Im To Lit says:


Old_Feller says:

Dude that shit looks expensive

XxLaMaravish13xX says:

can someone explain to me why some belts cost 800 on but people sell the exact same ones for like 200-300. They can’t be authentic so are they fakes ?

Bob Hill says:

This is a good rep first no designer clothes come in usps if you spent over 100 second the gold not supposed to be that dark third ur played urself

Mr. Spoon says:

You’re ugly, look at your headdddd lmaoooooo.

j0rdsss _ says:

I like that belt it’s very unusual

AliTheGOAT - Playstation Gamer! says:


Db Production says:

If I saw u walking down the street with that belt on and that big ass chain I would Rob your ass so quick

Malachi Bodrick says:

We’re u get ya belt from

MexicanBeanBurrito says:

dang thats badass! just ordered my ferragamo yesturday cant wait!

unlucky4clover says:

Your a smart kid and i agree with you on how saying “go get this or go get that is offensive” i even have friends who try and hype me up to get shit. Dont get me wrong i spend my fair share of money on designer shit and shoes but it can definitely be offensive or at least wrong to say that stuff because many people cant and arent in the position to spend that kinda money.

BlastUp Cash says:


bryan salcedo says:

Can u do 90$ for the chain

DayQuan Davis says:

You telling me you paid 795$ for that belt… let’s be realistic now. Your 15 & get paid no more than 9.50$ at your job at your restaurant, and you say you do more stuff. It would take you like 2 months to get more than 500 bucks bro. & you just bought a Louis Vuitton belt, that’s about 200-300$. I’m sorry, but according to my calculations. Your shit isn’t authentic. # NoHate #GreatChannel&Content.

Demarea Clark says:

Bitch all yo shit fake hoe show us da resceats hoe ass nigga u a bitch yo mama a bitch broke ass white folks fuck u suck a dick faget

Kristian Moore says:

I was in new orleans and everyone had big buckles and balmains looking all flashy

Kingkaye says:

aye can you please shout me out on your next vid

XxLaMaravish13xX says:

NEED SOME HELP!** I just bought this belt. but I’m still waiting for it to ship. anyways is this belt TOO flashy? do you think a Ferragamo belt is better?

Miguel Rodriguez says:

should I buy a burberry belt or a Fendi belt?

Gerald Berry says:

very nice bro i love the detailing tho nice cop 🙂

Prince Makaveli says:

fake ass bougie fuckboy with your soulja boy hairline and thick glasses headass. fuck outta here with your fake ass flea market swap meet designer belt and clothing havin ass.
your ears lookin like the BFG headass. get your wack channel and your ugly self off youtube clickbaiting with trash fits flexing for views. lookin like rico from hannah montana. get roasted nigga


If dis nigga was living in my hood , I would finesse DA shit of him

Pill Cosby says:

Don’t make me type that Serial number in boy

Dylan Monares says:

that is so fack

Richard Ibarra says:

That buckle looks intimidating as hell lol… awesome pickup brother

Ernest Martinez says:

Adrian that’s so sick iv honestly never seen that kind of Versace but it’s nice and who ever said it’s fake is a dumb ass

Mack Winter says:

you know migos ruining lives now

Dashaun Remmel says:

I can’t wait until my authentic Versace belt from I offer comes

Treezy says:

never seeeen dis but its sexy as hell

IISourAyyII says:

Looks nice, hope its authentic man unlike the Louie

KING BW W says:

Nice man!!

919 REVIEWS says:


Harambe says:

U exposed urself, Versace does not ship thru USPS. Stop fronting

Michael Mondragon says:

Ill steal yo belt nigga

Kicks_allday says:

Where are the fotd’s at

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